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Being a Don Juan at work?

Sep 2, 2002
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Wichita, KS
Woah, first time poster.

I've been reading your guys' posts, advice, tips, and reading both the Don Juan Bible and High School Bible for a while now and you guys' have really helped me out personally.... and Professionally.

Let me explain, at first, it may seem that I am just describing my job, but it has alot to do with what I've read at this forum.

Back in February, I became a telemarketer, one of those people that call you in the evening to sell you something, and one of those people that you hang up on right after I say those three magical letters... MCI.

I went through two weeks training to get the job, where they pump you full of infomation about how to call people, sound happy and enthusiastic about your product, and so on and so on.

My first few months there were hell. Constantly getting hung up on by 98% of the people I talked to, selling zero or one persons a night when I was supposed to get at least 2 sales, becoming angry and frustrated. Because I knew people there that were hardly trying and making 7 or 8 times more than I was, hardley putting any effort into their job... when I was giving it my 100%.

Then it hit me, it was my effort that was bringing me down. I recorded myself on a cassette recorder, doing my advertising that I would ordinary say over the phone.

I listened to the recording, and realized that I sounded desperate... yes, desperate. I was trying too hard, trying to grab the caller's attention. I came off to the caller as an annoying fly that they just swatted away.

So I started going to work, not giving a sh!t if I sold anything or not. I was just there for the hourly wage, nothing more, if I sold something, woopee-do.

I called people, not enthusiatic, and layed what I was selling in their lap, if they wanted it, cool. If they didn't, F*ck them, and I went to the next caller.

And guess what... I started selling 5-6 people a night. Why? I look back and realized that it was my attitude that completely changed.

I am now making 5-6 times what I used to make a few months ago.

Through being a telemarketer, and not caring if I sold anything or not, I lost the fear of rejection.

When I was calling people on the phone, what I was selling was the prize, something that would improve their life, if you want it, good. If you don't want it, your loss.

Now I have that same feeling when approaching women. I am the prize, I am something that would improve their life. If they want me, good. If you don't want me, fine, didn't want to be around you either.


Senior Don Juan
Aug 25, 2002
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Roy, Utah