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Becoming chill- the community has improved my life


Don Juan
May 3, 2009
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Getting laid is too much trouble... I don't like condoms, but I like b l o w j o b s; I'm gonna go for that more often because it's easier. It has me wanting a girlfriend who's on the pill, just so I can **** without a condom.

I've gotten to the point where getting girls is easy!! My drive is the only thing that matters anymore. I'm cool enough to where any girl will have sex with me. And I haven't become some extreme sports alpha badass; I'm just comfortable in nearly any social situation. I get no ASD. That behavior was caused by chasing sex, and I've become very laissez-faire about it. If it happens, it happens. My MO is just chasing a fun time. One way to have a fun time is to get sexual with girls, so if I'm alone with a girl, I sometimes feel her up, invite her back to my room, etc. It's no big deal to me anymore. They never reject me harshly; if they do, I talk about it with them. I just don't crave sex anymore. After getting casual sex I realized it was dumb to chase it.

I used to imagine some awesome world full of casual sex but I realize now that it's just the same as when I had a girlfriend. I'm glad I went through this phase, though; otherwise I would have spent my life craving it.

No girl cares if you feel her up. They all love sex. The ugly and fat ones are the ones who publicly are anti-casual sex. Maybe they act that way because people aren't interested in casual sex with them... Or maybe they became fat because they weren't interested in casual sex. It's the chicken or the egg... and who cares anyway?

I still have some development to do in "game". I'm not always as chill as possible. I still behave unnaturally in some situations, and as it improves, I will get laid more. I'll be able to plan it out better and be chiller as it's reinforced that every girl is into me just like all the others.

Being chill is like "hey, you should come back to my room", and if they ask why, say "I'm really horny right now, and I'll **** you good." It's experience that leads you to this ability. A guy can say that, but then have no idea what to do. He'll be thinking "this is awesome, I can't believe this is happening, oh ****, did she say yes?" He won't keep a level head. He might lie to her about STDs or condoms or whatever. He might brag about it to his friends. All because it's something out of the ordinary for him, something that he hasn't had happen a bunch of times before.

I see guys where I was years ago, dating girls. Good for them; they're building life experience. I'm experienced at being in love by now; I'll be able to choose a good one from the complete pool. I can get any girl I want... I might not be at that point yet, but I'm close, and I can tell that I'll get there soon.

Controlling my own arousal and the girls' arousal is something I might want to learn. I rarely hear "no", because sex is something we both want to do, but neither of us is doing it for the ego. It would be a turn on, actually, if a girl wanted to **** me because she was so attracted to me. I think that's happened before.

The real change in me has been dissolving my ego. I have very little insecurity these days; no worries about "do they like me?" or how I'm perceived. I feel like a part of humanity. Highly socialized. Like a normal guy in every respect. No secretly thinking that I'm weird or whatever. I can just be honest in everything I do. I LOVE giving advice to people now. I love helping those around me, having the right words to say, making people feel good... I feel like I'm on ecstasy all the time. It's great. My advice to anyone is KEEP GOING! I've been in plenty of times where I felt like I wasn't improving, would be ****ty forever, etc. I also advise people to read Dbot from SoSuave, and TVAOslo, 60 Years of Challenge, Sleazy, Corvette, and The Cost of Success from mASF. Also, read whatever you feel like; different things will be eye-opening to you at different stages in your development. Pickup material DID get me here, although there are surely other routes.

I never, ever did a routine or a Mystery Method thing. I always tried to keep an eye on reality. At the same time, I took leaps of faith, and learned a lot about women and myself.

My philosophy and worldview now is that we're all exactly the same soul--God--living life through different bodies. This universe just IS, and no further explanation is necessary. Somehow, I've made peace with philosophical angst, and dissolving my ego was definitely related to how. I used to ponder it all, but now I feel like I understand everything. Since everyone is exactly the same, we all think in exactly the same ways. You CAN be honest with women, just as if you were speaking to yourself (had you grown up in her body, with her life experiences.)

Good luck, gentlemen. I still have many things to learn, and will still become more chill, but I feel satisfied and confident that I'll finally get there.

A girl just left my room, and it felt like we've known one another forever, because we have. It's a reuniting of souls. We didn't have sex, but I don't care from an ego standpoint (it wouldn't make me feel better about myself.) Strangely, the only girls I WOULD care about from an ego standpoint are the ones whom I still have trouble with. That's what I have to release... That's the direction my development will go. And it will resonate through all aspects of my life.

We didn't have sex because neither of us cared to bother too much. She had to go back to her dorm room, but I told her I was probably going to whack off, and she said she would love to watch. We said we'd do that later. See, I SHOULD be more proactive in setting this stuff up, I guess. I should have asked for her number and made sure she knows that if she's horny, she can call me, and that I'll call her if I'm horny, etc. Alternatively, I should have just whipped out my **** and started a sex session. Taking over a situation like that requires confidence that the girl wants it. I can still grow in that area as well. Imagine a girl who knew that you love sex as much as you do, and made it happen even if you weren't in the mood at first... That's what you or I can become.


Don Juan
Jan 8, 2010
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Good Sh!t man, I am just reaching this point also... I completly agree and try to tell everyone that I know about how its just building up your ego and self confidence. I'm in the earlier stages of this but I have been excited for every intereaction that I have with girls, I love it and I love women for a change!


Master Don Juan
Jul 27, 2005
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midwestern cow field 40
Isko said:
I have been excited for every intereaction that I have with girls, I love it and I love women for a change!
Good. Me too. http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=144055

alwayslead8821 said:
Controlling my own arousal and the girls' arousal is something I might want to learn.

That is the next step after learning how to simply get laid. It is a lot of fun to know that you are going to get sex anyway, so you just take your time and turn her on until she tackles you. Congratulations on all of your success so far.


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