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At what age do women start to look bad?

Who Dares Win

Master Don Juan
Jan 16, 2012
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It all depends on the inside biology, the brain asses the situation and builds the body accordingly.

Sure genetics plays a role but a woman that gets plenty of attention has no reason to dissipate energy by working out, sufferin through diet, postponing pleasure and so on...now a woman in a hyper competitive environment walks to a totally different pace.

Same for men, get comfortable with an office job and an easy life style and your brain will turn off all the unnecessary process...join a mma class or move to a dangerous neightbourhood and you brain will kickstart testosterone production since you need to be strong, fast and sharp.

In my opinion it's a mix of genetics and environment where the environment and the lifestyle turns on/off certain genes.


Master Don Juan
May 3, 2013
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maybe You are one of the lucky ones , and I really hope it is the case !

but from my experience women do not take accountability for a relationship . The guy has most of the burden of making the relationship work

the way I experienced and heard from other guys , as a guy if you want a family you have to take carw of it as the woman very rarely will do anything for the greater good of the relationship or family
metropolitan white women


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