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Asking for email/msn or number?


Don Juan
May 2, 2006
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I have heard and read stuff from anti-dump, and he written topics about you ask for her number to see her interest.

However, this was written around 9 years ago, and he written that it should be home number as well. With cell phones going around now and such, do we still ask for home number (I probabily won't), number (refer to cell #) or email?

I have a feeling now that email and msn is getting much more popular than back then, would asking for an email or msn be the same thing or is a different story? Does this mean she will think less of you as a guy if you ask for anything else but number? Would it become "too obvious" that you're coming on to her? Will asking for email or msn be as equally effective as asking for number in terms of finding her interest?

So would you guys ask for email, msn, or number when you ask?

Won't girls feel they are moving to fast if you ask directly for their number (i refer to cell #).

When I'm talking about what kind of girls, I refer to girls in university, or in malls. Would the number thing be more appropriate for clubs? thanks.


Jul 13, 2008
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The United State of Texas
I've never asked for an email or msn. I ALWAYS go for the number. The other forms of communication seem too impersonal.

Beside,the point of asking for contact info isn't so you can create interest or attraction,it's to continue the connect you've ALREADY made.

So whatever you ask for,be it msn,email,phone number,telegram,telefax,hologram,carrier pigeon,etc,if she says no,it's not because you asked for one method of communication over another.

It's because you didn't create any attraction or interest in the first place.


Master Don Juan
Dec 8, 2002
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It really depends on your style.

It seems like the main style preached around here is "CLOSE CLOSE CLOSE ASAP AND THEN NAIL HER". If you're doing that, you want the number.

I've gotten pretty picky lately and I like the email first. It adds a nice wrinkle and not a lot of girls get asked for only their email, so it's a little bit of a peacocking maneuver too. I like to email back and forth a couple times to feel them out and if they qualify, I'll add them to MSN and get the ball rolling.

It really depends on your style.