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Article about polyamory


Master Don Juan
Apr 30, 2006
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This just sounds like a situation of friends with benefits, and swingers. This chick might very well be great to hang around with, and as long as she puts out periodically to each of her men, they are happy with it. Obviously these men are not interested in having a family, so they do not have to worry about "mother's baby, father's maybe."

Oh, and these folks are all from the theatre community. We all know how uninhibited those folks are.


Master Don Juan
Apr 16, 2005
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Yeah there's something wrong about the article..but not the concept.

How would you feel if I was to say I was Terisa's lover and I told her outright that I would have my own harem and she agreed? Basically we each had our own sexually rich lives? That's an academic question only, something I'm posing to make you guys think. It's not reality :cry:

Point is, polyamory is nothing new nor is it specifically gender-based.

It's called an open relationship and a few guys can swing it. Just cause chicks can practice it easily is no reason to resent it.

It's just that women nowadays feel they can be more vocal about their animal natures. Remember when a chick could never admit she loved sex???


Master Don Juan
Apr 22, 2008
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This is probably more of a publicity stunt or theatre experiment than it is a relationship choice.

It is impossible to remove jealousy from this equation. Women are, at heart, serially monogamous, and they don't like sharing. I would even bet that most guys, despite their words to the contrary, would not feel good about such an arrangement.

The statement that "Women would rather share a successful man than have a loser all to themselves" is a half-truth. The reason women agree to "sharing" a successful man is because they believe they can ultimately secure him for themselves. The "sharing" is just a means to an end.