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Are you willing to lie?


Master Don Juan
Mar 25, 2008
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Simple question, in this game, are you willing to lie? Will you lie to a 'plate' about where you have been? If you are seeing someone else? If you had sex with someone else? Does everyone on your team deserve to know the truth? Discuss.
Mar 2, 2009
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Lying will gaurantee you more women on your team, because from my experience, most women cannot HANDLE the truth, and thus will not want to be on your roster (SOME will be cool with it and even more attracted if you tell them the truth and nothing but the truth, but those are the exception, not the rule)

so yes, I always have lied to girls and told them exactly what they wanna hear, and that is how I always kept 2 or 3 or 4 at the same time on my roster, while still meeting new ones on a consistent basis for over 5 years now - and because my lies have never been caught, the end result is that NOT A SINGLE PERSON got screwed over or got their heart broken - in this game, in this country, in the 21st century, you absolutely HAVE TO play above the current rules that society sets for you, it is the only way to protect yourself and have as much of a good time as possible at the same time

what they don't know won't hurt them.

And if you get caught in a lie, then just cut the girl off and move on the next one - simple as that, no need to overcomplicate things and make them dramatic
May 3, 2008
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I do not lie. I simply do not reveal the truth or invent another version of it. Of course, this requires one to have an excellent memory and not too many plates... :p

Yes, I lie. But is lying bad? I don't think so. As Logical pointed out, many people cannot handle the truth. We on this forum live in an alternate reality of culture, different from what most women (and men) have been raised to believe to be right and true.

There are simply too few women around who are comfortable and educated in our more free-form manner of living. Usually such women are labelled sluts by mainstream culture, and we players. Even if we are not. Such women who are on my "team", do know the truth and I know theirs. These are the most comfortable plates too, by the way. No strings are set by cultural expectations, and no feelings are hurt if a desire for strings is formed with one party and not the other; we simply accept this to be the possible way of things and if one can't handle it, we simply say our goodbyes. Yes, that takes discipline and character, which is also why one must be a Man. Only Men can deal with things like that. And Women.

As for the other plates about whom it is obvious that they're more "traditional": What they don't know, indeed LP, doesn't hurt them. I make sure I always treat my women with dignity and respect and I never lie to the extent that I promise or make them believe something that isn't there. Like exclusivity, a relationship or anything of the sort. From the way I treat them and keep things, they fortunately almost always realize I'm a free bird. They jokingly call me a womanizer and because of the light and joking atmosphere I try to keep with them, it seemingly never bothers them to keep trying their hardest to put me in that cage.

If they grow tired of that hunt after all, they simply no longer chase me. In which case I also move on. If they want exclusivity, I tell them that's not me right now. Which is the truth. Usually, we also move on because I all too well understand the impossibility of seeing eachother with a single-side interest for more than seeing eachother.

I don't think this "game" can be played with most women without a certain degree of lying or bending the truth. I believe that as long as you don't say or promise anything that isn't, I don't think there's anything wrong with it either. It's more like staying a mystery at all times.
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Five To One

Senior Don Juan
Jul 22, 2008
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For once I agree with logical P.

Id say 90% of the time its nessessary to advoid answering the question of "are you seeing other women?" if you want her around. Women just cant handle having to share you even though they have no right in thinking they own you.

Iv had a couple cool girls in the past who knew the amount of girls I was involved with and still hooked up with me but they were never long term plates. They havnt stuck around because they know there are other girls in my life.

Iv never been called out for being deceptive even though I know a couple plates suspect and hear things about me. I figure they refuse to believe it. Ignorance is bliss for them I guess.

If you want to truely spin plates you gotta keep most of your life a secret from them. Only if they become special to you will you share your whole life with them.
Apr 15, 2008
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I actually do both. I lie and I don't lie. It all depends on what the question is.

For example if a woman asks me, "Are you seeing other women?" I'll respond with, "I'm single if that's what you're asking" (even though I may not be) then change the subject to something else.

If she's persistent about it, I'll say, "Right now, I see you." Smile. Then move onto something different.

I'm usually either forward and blunt, or I keep a small air of mystery to keep her guessing. It all depends on the girl and how she is. The best part is, this isn't actually even game to me. It's how I am naturally.