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Apologies for posting my health issues

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anunimuus magi

Don Juan
Feb 28, 2021
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I wanna say sorry for its a shame that I posted some threads regarding my personal health, and I just wanna say that I got it all wrong.
Ive been running months on threading the waters, curious if the doctor's "judgement" on my health was correct, turns out its just money making magic.
I drank wrong medications that reduced my cognitive/memory and it feels sad.
All the things Ive felt/sensed in the past shockingly matched my today's journey realizing this "neighborhood and family" was gaslighting/manipulating my sense of reality/judgement and its a shame I let my guard down thus caused cognitive dissonance which lead to the doctor.

Self improvement and collective culture/society is like a giant trying to devour a bird.
Not open for further replies.