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Master Don Juan
Mar 12, 2011
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When I like a girl, I go to her and tell her I liked her and I want to kiss her. IT IS VERY EASY.

- ‘Hi, could I get 2 peach cobbles and 2 coffees?”
- ‘Sure, is that all?”
- ‘No. I also want to tell you that I think you have a very cute and fertile face and I would like to stick my tongue all the way down your throat.”
- “Wow.”
- When are you off work?”
- ‘I’m off at 6 pm.”
- “OK. Let’s meet afterwards at xyz in apartment 2B. Since you are still young and fertile, I may rip your clothes off and f your brains out too.
- ‘You don’t waste time do you?”
- “Nope. I’m the man so I’m supposed to lead and go for what I want.”
- “I’ll be there.”

Rock on!

I don't care if she rejects me or not. Davidx is a PUA who teached that and he is right.
Come on bro, a 27 year HB9 tells you ‘there is NO attraction between you and I.” And you don’t care? What do they smoke in Brazil?

I love to see these alleged PUA’s in the real world. For some reason I think they would get smoked out of the water.

I avoid all this PUA plans and schemes.
You just said you follow a PUA. And now you say you avoid all PUA plans and schemes. Which is it?

I like things very simple.
Everyone does bro.

What you guys think about that?
We think how come you don’t have a criminal record.

Taylor Swift got touched in the back, she took the guy to Court.
Cuba Gooding Jr touched some girls in a nightclub in the back, he is in Court for the next few months.

Any guy who even tries 10% of what you are suggesting will get arrested for harassment.
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