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Anti-Dump's Machine (Part II: More Interest Level)


Master Don Juan
Jul 22, 2000
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Let us say you set up a date. And the woman does not like your date idea! Heavens no, what should we say to her, Anti-Dump?

It doesn't matter WHAT you say. You will never speak to her again.

Okay, I say "Sorry, I'm not interested. Take care." Then I hang up.

Anytime a women wants to change your initial approach, just counter with "I'm not interested" then counter-offer.

You: Let's do dinner Saturday.

Her: I feel like bowling.

You: I'm not interested in bowling. Let's do pool.

Remember this is ONLY for the first and second date. And it's a test of interest to see if she follows your lead the SECOND time.

If she doesn't follow with the second request, say "Listen.Let's do this another time. Take care."
Then don't call back. She is too INFLEXABLE to date.
But what if she asks, “Sure i'd like to go, but could you call me that day a few hours before to confirm?" and the variances to that?

Don Steele, the author of several dating books, decided to answer this,

say, "Maybe we should get together some other time instead when you're able to be more sure of your schedule." Cause if you let her do that, She's playin ya, taken you for granted, and looking for a way to blow-you off at the last minute...AND THAT SUX! Been there, done that.

However, I see what she did as a TEST of the Steel Content of your balls. Women have to find out if you are a Boy or a Man capable of protecting and providing. If you are a Boy, she is immediately NOT INTERESTED in sending her DNA into the future with you!

I teach and preach that Men have to accept that female will test them. Don't assume she's a game player or taking you for granted. Assume that SHE IS INTERESTED and therefore SHE IS TESTING to see if you are WORTHY. Boys ain't. Men might be. There will be more tests and after that still more tests.
BondjamesBond comments with the following,

Speaking for myself, I never had a problem with confirmation calls.....I use to do it all the time. But it was always me who said that I would call about a day or so ahead of time to make certain things were still on. It was my own little test. If they acted even the least bit half-hearted or wanted to back out then I dropped them like a bad habit and never gave them a second thought again. Only once did I excuse a chick for not being able to show......She had to go to the hospital because of an attack of appendicitis. So things do happen.

I can't tell you the number of times some broads would call me again and again trying to set something back up after I felt they burned me. But they all got the same response-----CLICK------

I think a confirmation call can be reasonable within limits that you, yourself , set.

But don't ever break rule #1.......
Never, never, NEVER, kiss a woman's @ss!
Now let us observe a conversation between Anti-Dump and the Nice Guy. The Nice Guy cannot understand why his girlfriend, who he thought to be a ‘good girl’ and all, went back to her ex.

For your reading pleasure, Italics will be the Nice Guy while Anti-Dump will be in the quotes.

The only thing you are 'reckless' about is your manly pride.

You have been DUMPED and you don't see it!
now he wants her back and
she has decided to "give it one more try"

That, my friend is a DUMP. You are out of her ROMANTIC life forever. When a woman 'goes back
to her boyfriend' she has decided you are not for her. She has 'tasted' your flavor and has LOW interest romantically for you.

It's LOW. She could come back but she will BREAK UP with you again. Because romantically it's low.
which I kind of understand.

Only confused, clueless, no balls nice guys understand
a girl dumping him and going back with an EX.

You came to the right place.
We'll make a Don Juan out of you yet.
The problem is she still likes me but wants us to "be friends".

Yea, she likes you 'a little'. Not good enough for a Don Juan. She has to be crazy about you. She has to want to marry you.
In short she has to have HIGH interest.
I'm wondering if he came back on the scene cos he suddenly realised that he wasnt the only one that could have her.

Doesn't matter. When she said 'I have decided to go back' she revealed her LOW interest in you.
It wasnt an easy decision for her, crying about it,etc.....

This is where the nice guys TOTALLY FAIL . It was EASY for her to dump you. She has 10 times the romantic feelings for her EX than you. That was easy.

The hard part was HURTING YOU.
She knows she cares little for you. She knows she started someting she can never finish. She didn't 'cry' for you. She is not 'torn' between you and the EX.

She cried because she is DUMPING YOU!

You nice guys need a lot of work.
Remember, I used to be in your shoes.
My question is - how do i get her to realise that he will just **** her around

Why do you care? She will never be your girlfriend. Once a women leaves you, you are OUT romantically forever. No chance.
or how do i get out of this friends ****.

Impossible. It's over friend. She is giving you false hope. Remember, she will dump you AGAIN if you get back. Because of the low interest.
She even told me the other day i was making her horny

She is horny because her EX isn't around to please her. IF she wanted it from you, she would have ripped your clothes off.
Six months is a longtime to wait.
Yet she didn't ask you to bang her. Very bad sign.
she is confused, but what can i do?

SHE IS NOT CONFUSED! Nice guys got it all wrong. She wants her EX and not you. That is confused?
Do I ignore her totally which will be pretty hard and lose her friendship,
or keep up the innuendo,etc in hope that she may come back???

Turn her into a friend. But get out there and start asking for numbers. Don't let her give you false hope again. Don't get sucked back in.

Date others.
DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR? Perhaps this has happened to you. The girl was just stringing him along to make her ex jealous. Yes, women do use guys like this.

Now why do we men have such a hard time dealing with female interest? It is because we over-think things.

Peak says,
Ok guys Anti-Dump said this of-the-cuff like in one of his posts and I thought it needed to be painted in the sky, so that we could all look up and remember this!!!
Please stop looking for a green light to move ahead. Never look for 'signs' of her liking you.
You will never get into a women's head. Don't even try. Stop trying to 'read' women. It is a waste of time. Ask her out. Then you will know for SURE. Her actions are something you can get a handle on.

A smile and a friendly look is all you need to make your approach.

You ask me if this is really true???

Look, learn from my mistakes. In the past I had girls that really liked me for ages before I had the guts to ask them out. Their response was over the moon when I finally did! I had absolutely no idea that so many girls actually liked me...yes in that warm and gooey wet kind of way. I was clueless...but not anymore!
Anti-Dump adds,

As Peak said in his very first post "stop overthinking it"!

Men are NOT women. Take off the dress guys.

It is WOMEN that wonder if a guy likes them before anything happens. Men have somehow picked up this bad habit from women.

The thought of whether she likes you should never cross your mind. It is not important BEFORE you ask for the number. The important thing is you WANTING her. Always ask yourself "Do I want this one?". And the answer should be "Wow. Boy do I!"

That is all you need to know.

Real men TAKE what they want.
And ask questions later.


Senior Don Juan
Feb 3, 2001
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Some of anti-dump's ...

This is what i needed when i was having troubles learning and studying commuincation skills , and how I Confused btw the 2 sexes .

I keep telling you that 'signs' are unreliable and are a waste of time to look for.

Women HIDE (!) their true feelings. They conceal them until they are absolutely sure. That process takes months and months in a relationship. And you want them to show it before? Never going to happen.

The ugly ones do it because they are desparate. The 9&10's DON'T do it generally speaking.

You can't get into a woman's head early in the dating process. It's a SEALED VAULT. You must strike women at their WEAK spot. Their 'weak spot' is ACTION.

Men rule the action world. Women are king in COMMUNICATING. But weak in action.

The secret is asking them to DO things. This is their weak spot. They would rather 'talk' all the time and discuss things. They are experts in that. You CAN'T WIN UNLESS 'YOU' ARE THE EXPERT.

And you are. In DOING things. Asking for a date is the ultimate test. If a girl is interested she will go into her 'weak' area for you. She will do things. She will let you lead her in the ACTION world.

Women that are mediumly to low interested in you will HESITATE and think about it.

'Signs' are a form of communicating and that's where women are king.

Asking for a date is really saying 'let's do some action things'. You are seeing if she will leave her communicating world for you.

Btw , Pook I think we are analyzing women now or analyzing our actionsand we are also searching for the perfect dates (correct me if i am wrong) ...aren't we ?? Be ware Of Nature's melancholy Pook hahaha....
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May 11, 2003
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All three parts have been excellent. I just wish that I was around when Anti Dump was around since it seems like he has the right grasp on things. Why did he leave again?


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Nov 8, 2003
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Apr 17, 2004
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This kinda tough attitude will just make the hb like you more. How do you deal with the temptation, when they start texting you saying sorry and stuff?


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Dec 8, 2006
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this is a cool machine... no heartache's


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Aug 27, 2007
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Anyone know where he is now? Or why he even left to begin with?


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Mar 6, 2012
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