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An education on Dark Triads and Power


Master Don Juan
May 31, 2020
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This documentary is a shocking deepdive into what a man with power is capable of and how much he can get away with. This documentary also shows how difficult it was, because of his celebrity, to bring him to justice.

What this documentary illustrates is a tiered-system for men. If you're a nobody, a woman can report spurious allegations and get you arrested. But if you're bigtime, the police will obstruct, obfuscate and then arrest the woman. I think the big celebrity cases we sometimes see in the media are performances (johnny depp and amber heard). This documentary shows what actually happens when a really bad dude with power gets caught, and how much they don't want this stuff getting out (Because if powerful men get exposed as the driving force, and that the system protects and enables them, then the matrix falls to pieces).

Listen to the magistrate reading the verdict at the end of the video. The freudian slips are unbelievable. The magistrate, who probably engages in the same, clearly subcommunicates "you shouldn't have gotten caught, bro."


Master Don Juan
Apr 25, 2021
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I'm into true crime, but that video was really troubling to watch.

I agree about men and power, and the question asking if you knew there would be no consequences, would your actions towards others be different?

I think many of us possess natures darker than what we portray to others and society, but Ian Watkins is just sick.

I'll probably have nightmares tonight but it's good to be aware, thanks for linking it Pan.
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