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Master Don Juan
Nov 4, 2009
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not here. in the real world.
PairPlusRoyalFlush said:
A lot of this DJ stuff is telling you to act like a Narcissist or Histrionic Personality Disorder nutjob.

Spinning plates to avoid attachment?
No thanks. I have NPD friends like that and they just obsess about women all day. Men shouldn't make women the focus of their life.

A lot of it is just telling you to stop being a pvssy and take women off the pedestal, that part is good. Also educating you that women are just as corrupt if not more so than men.
^This is a good post.


Master Don Juan
May 11, 2006
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Senior Don Juan
Dec 2, 2011
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Atom Smasher said:
Seems to me you have lost (or never had) the desire and/or ability to give your thoughts boundaries and you let them run away into infinity. Therefore they are your master.

Maintaining sanity involves creating a reality and working within the structure you have created. When you let your thought run hog-wild, there is no structure, no reality, only despair.

Use life, don't let it use you. You must create structure and demand that your thoughts serve you. Get over that vague feeling of there being something wrong with limiting your introspection.

Take it from someone who used to be just like you. Or reject it. Your choice.
Agreed x1000.

In my adolescence I viewed existence and the world through very sh!te-coloured pessimistic goggles. I would spend hours constantly over-analyzing the minutest of things, heading further and further down the spiral. I would read bleak and fatalistic books (Brave New World was my favorite for years) which although being amazing works of art only contributed to this outlook.

Somewhere around 18 I delved into philosophy. I decided to break these shackles of pessimistic perception and master my reality. Yes, this at times involves limiting the runaway train of over analysis and reminding yourself of the self-realized and adopted foundation of your chosen reality.

Slightly random but I only did psychedelic drugs two times. One time I accidentally took a substantially larger dose than intended and the trip went a dark direction and tried to gain mastery over my objective reality. It was difficult but I kept mentally returning to the foundation or reality I had carefully and painstakingly built over years. I believe the experience would've been much, much worse if I hadn't spent those years carefully honing and refining MY philosophy and MY reality. Although not involving drugs, your OP predicament sounds similar.

Start reading a lot (Not SoSauve, but philosophy, ideology, history, etc) and see what makes sense to you man. Reality is perception, so define what you want yours to be and proceed. It's a long road and I'm certainly still on it.


Senior Don Juan
Nov 19, 2009
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Dopaminergic pathways
Squirrels, you are a male BPD. There, someone said it.

But lo and behold, I didn't even finish this post and I've stumbled upon this http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showpost.php?p=1847136&postcount=27

Squirrels realised this almost 4 years ago - this forum reeks of BPD. About 5% of the general population qualifies for clinical BPD (and even more people present milder symptoms; they are below the diagnosis threshold), but IMHO this forum has a much higher percentage than that - just take a look around. And no, BPD is not a female only disorder; it's just been missed in men because it presents itself a bit differently.

How many of us here have BPD like symptoms/problems? I'd say a lot, and we'd all be better off if we got a good shrink and worked to better ourselves instead of trying to learn tricks to get women. Maybe we can't get women because something is wrong with us. Maybe we get involed with "crazy" women because we're "crazy" ourselves.


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