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A True Don Juan....... Better Than The Nice guy, And The Jerk.


Senior Don Juan
Nov 22, 2001
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The problem with a lot of the new Don Juan's is that they have been hurt by women in the past, so the idea of becoming a jerk, and looking at women as nothing more than something that can be manipulated, sounds really good to them. They have seen women who they have treated nice, pick the bad guy over them. They ask themselves why? And the only conclusion they can come up with is that they have to turn into that jerk in order to get women interested in them. This is not the right way to go. A Jerk is better than a nice guy "AFC" any day of the week, but a jerk is still at the lowest scale in Don Juan measuring system.

This is a case of the slave wanting to become the master. In the end the slave might become the master, he may become the top dog, but he is still not the best he could be at his game.

A true Don Juan does not hate his women.

A true Don Juan realizes that women are different from men, and that the reason he received hatred in the past by women was his own fault, and not the women’s fault. Example. If a dog tries to act like a p*ussycat in front of a female dog, she will reject him. She needs a strong alpha-dog.

A true Don Juan does not use his negative feelings his past days as an “AFC” to mold his new ways as a Don Juan.

A true Don Juan is able to be very nice to his females, and at the same time have them love him, and respect him.

A true Don Juan does not treat his women negatively, unless they deserve it.

A true Don Juan has the skills of both the nice guy, and the jerk.

A true Don Juan can bring his females flowers, gifts, and at the same time, no that the woman still has to respect him as a human being.

A true Don Juan does not value anyone higher than he values himself.

A true Don Juan loves and respects himself.

A will don juan will never never accept disrespect from anyone, including women or men.

A true don juan is love, and respected at level that the jerk can only dream off.

In other words... being a nice guy has nothing to do with being rejected... not having a backbone, and being an "AFC" is what gets you rejected.

Any womenm, unless she has deep emotional problems will always pick a nice, strong confident guy with a backbone, over a jerk any day.

In other words, a jerk might be able to steal a woman from an “AFC” nice guy, any day of the week, But he will not even get anywhere near a true Don Juan’s woman.

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Senior Don Juan
Nov 11, 2001
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that's true, it tough when u are really badly hurt by a girl because u were a nice guy. its so easy to say fuk it, im going to be a total bastard to all the girls because they deserve it...i kinda got that idea when this girl screwed me over...but u are 100% true with what u are saying, women dont liek jerks, jerks may get guys in the short term, but they are never respected in the long term

Life is lost in dreaming, and dreaming is lost in becoming (Motto on the Hard Rock Cafe in Cancun, Mexico)

Ive failed over, and over, and over again in my life, and that is why i succeed..-Michael Jordan

"Success requires no explanations; Failure permits no alibis"

Square playaz get played, pimps get paid, macks persuade


Don Juan
Nov 18, 2001
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Atlantic City NJ USA
I believe that getting burned by women and entering the "I am not taking any of this f***** s*** anymore!!!" phase gives a man fuel for the fire to start becoming a DJ.


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