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A life of solitude and loneliness


Senior Don Juan
May 9, 2011
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Mike32ct said:
Yeah, it a giant feedback loop.

Some guys receive positive feedback from women early on due to looks, being in the right popular group, or being naturally gifted or interested in areas that attract young women like sports. The get their self-esteem from the positive feedback they receive, and then the radiate self-esteem that attracts more people.

Sadly, the reverse can happen too. It's the luck of the draw.
Being a better looking man does have its perks. You deal with the toil and troubles of everyday life , but you have extra benefits like a larger pool of women, so life doesn't seem so sucky.

Remember that show The OC? I remember an episode when Adam Brody's character was down on himself for being 'geeky' and not getting the girls, but he actually had the looks, so it kinda defeated the object.

Its like when the supposed unattractive girl in those things is just a female model that they just put glasses on or something. Its insulting to people who actually have to go through these setbacks/insecurities for real.


Mar 10, 2010
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The Wacky Races
Yes in elementary, junior high, and high school.
I was often used as a punching bag when the other
students wanted to release their anger from their
own unrelated personal problems.
I got beat within an inch of my life... made me stronger cause later on in life I surpassed all those losers that used to do that to me. I'm living the dream in asia dude...

Anyway this is not a post about foreign women but why not start a new life in a different city... Chicago sucks balls man, that place is depressing as hell. There are so many southern states that are much nicer, I find people friendlier from the Southern USA than from the North, why not move to somewhere closer to Mexico and date the girls around there...or just hit up Mexico period. If you are still young enough, go work in the oil fields in North Dakota for a bit and then take your money and punch out... you can live quite well in Peru/Mexico on 10 grand for a year or two.


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