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Aug 6, 2012
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The Viagra Pill you wish you had...- United Kingdo
I have to slap the OP with a speeding ticket and fine for being excessively AFC-ish.

This reminded me of my younger years. We all get our arse kicked by some hottie bodie that brings out the pedestaling because we somehow activated some conditioning from the past that isn't healed yet. It is this psychological wound that enables you to feel inferior, panick as if you will never find a hotter looking girl, and resort back to a little helpless boy behavior (AFC).

So take a good look at what this EX's behavior did to set off the response you had?? Where did it come from? Lots of things - in fact most of the sh!t we carry around as adults that inhibits our growth and full potential are negative experiences from childhood and our parents.

Was your mother hard to please in such a way that she showed little affection and you always had to work to please her?? This is the breeding grounds for baby afc's becoming full blown ball-less men who only knows how to please women at the sacrifice of their own self respect and self love.

Be well.



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Aug 21, 2005
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Your story really resonates with me since someone form my social group is going through almost the exact thing you are going through now, even some of the finer details seem very close to his story. This is besides the point and since you came here for advice i'm going to tell it to you like I would a friend. **** this ****, You have way more going for you then her, turn all that emotion puts some balls on it and use that as motivation to go **** as many girls as you want. Life is too short to sit around and think about one **** hole. Take this as a lesson to qualify girls before just giving them a opportunity be exclusive with you, Looks like you would of been better of just ****ing her untill things died off and ****ing others on the side thats cool just be discreet about it, You need to have options at all times you need to be part of several social groups so if one hoe drops you you can say **** her and bang a different girl within a week. People let you down Best friends let you down.. A girlfriend aint no diffrent than a best friend if you best friend ****s you, go and get a new one **** get 2 or 3 of those sons a *****es. You sir are making this an issue not her not this forum its you bud, Its your inner game before you even think about getting into another relationship with a chick you need to have rules, rules about how you want to be treated and don't bend for no ***** or friend. There might not bee alot of PickUp addvice in this but there is a hell of alot of Real World addvice. Hope you take this to heart and stick to your guns she dosent deserve you **** the way I look at it 9 out of 10 girls dont even deserve my **** let alone getting into a realationship with me. End rand Laters


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Apr 2, 2012
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iarecuezero said:
Can you explain your story in a little more detail if you have time e.g. length of relationship, how many breakups you had before the final, how many relationships prior to NC relationship. If you have a link to the details that would work.

We were together for a few years and got quite close.

I didn't realise how dependent and attached to her I had become until after the break up.

Looking back the pain had nothing to do with Love. It was all about dependency and dented ego, which as anybody ITK will tell you is the case 99% of the time. It helps to understand this!

Yes I have been through lots of break ups and in the end I have realised that I am not cut out for serious commitment. Coming to terms with that has helped no end.