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“In-House” by Roosh


Master Don Juan
May 23, 2002
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[I found this at Rooshlog.com; more specifically at http://www.rooshlog.com/show.php?file=news/archives/(1)4-03.archive. Since I doubt many will run across it in their daily Internet-scouring(s), I post it here in hopes that it will help somebody. - VN.]

Originally posted on http://www.rooshlog.com:

I’ve probably read more seduction material than most of you. I know almost all the styles, all the “big players”, and of course I know all the lines. But I’m not a master – not even close. So what gives? Well, I believe reading online is like taking a bartending course. You know how to make everything and maybe you’ve even done it a little. Yet if I were to stick you in a packed bar you won’t do a great job until you get that one magical component called experience.

A business term I learned a while back is the point of diminishing return. It is a point beyond where if you put more work in, you get less than a proportional increase in output. For instance, imagine a factory making widgets. They have people all over the assembly line making one thousand widgets a day. Now say we were to double the amount of workers in the assembly line. In theory you want to think we should make two thousand widgets. But of course this isn’t the case; overcrowding and production capacity will increase production by a much smaller amount than we expect. I like the PODR concept because many people wonder they feel to realize their goals even if they “try harder”. It’s because they reached the PODR and additional trying doesn’t achieve additional gains.

Seduction has a PODR as well. There is a base level of knowledge you need to succeed, and anything additional won’t help as much. I’m sure many of you have read some amazing articles on women, but your overall game hasn’t really changed the weeks after. Not to mention we tend to forget 90% of what we read, and it makes me think if we should even read anything at all. The past six months my game has been refined quite a bit, but it’s more minor tweaks than major changes. Unless you change your behavior in a profound way, it’s hard to all of a sudden see major gains. I believe the first year of a pick-up-artist-in-training is when the real change occurs. Then you get stuck until something else pushes you to a new level of success. This does open up a can of worms though, such as how much does your environment limit you after you “know everything.” For instance I live thirty miles from the city, making it harder for spontaneous stop-overs at my place.

I’m drifting off but I do have a point. I think that a guy should learn the mindset and only a handful of solid ideas to use with women. Then he should go out there and approach hundreds of women to get that experience. He must find out what he’s lacking and fix that before he worries about advanced techniques, such as how to give a girl eight consecutive orgasms. I don’t need to post advice about women because everyone here already knows in their mind what they have to. It really is just a matter of doing it, nothing more. I can tell you all day the best way to get a number but if you don’t go out and try dozens of times, then it won’t do anything for you. It’s easier to read about women then pick them up.

It’s hard to be great at something unless you use your own imagination. If I were to study Tom Clancy and let him teach me, I might be a great writer, but I would not be greater than him. Study these seduction gurus online and you might be as good as them, but not greater. You must use your mind to apply the correct beliefs, such as ‘always be a challenge’, to develop your own lines that are congruent and fit your style. For instance I remember learning very early on that it’s good to get a girl self-conscious and doubting herself in your presence, and to make herself prove her worth. I thought about that, and came up with saying “You’re sorta cool” when it was time to close. It works great for me because it fit my style, which was automatic since I came up with it. Since it was an “in-house” line I never get tired of using it.

Someone could write a seduction book that is the size of the phonebook but I guarantee that wouldn’t be the definitive guide. Seduction is mostly within you and how you apply what you know. It really does take creativity and persistence to get good at this.


Senior Don Juan
Jan 21, 2003
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Theory is worthless without practice!!!