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    Update a year later

    You're possibly going too far and some what emotional insisting the kids were "step brother and sister" which is a ridiculous perspective to have considering they were dating for only seven months. Dating. As far as I read, they were not married which would have made them somewhat "step...
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    Update a year later

    How Stoicism cures anger: https://medium.com/stoicism-philosophy-as-a-way-of-life/how-stoicism-cures-anger-b4895616cf0c Seneca how to control your anger Seneca on anger (audiobook)
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    Do any of you wish you could have a certain ex back?

    At a guess I would say you probably haven't worked out fully what happened with this ex. You haven't fully worked out the lessons, wrapped it up and put it to bed. There's something that you are holding onto and won't let go of. Do you need to forgive yourself in order to let go and move on? Do...
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    UFC 259

    Yeah it was a decent fight up to that point. Bad advice from his corner. Pity. They'll bang again soon.
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    First Message on Tinder?

    I think you take things too literal, son. i don't even use tinder. this is just tongue in cheek. Have I ever said that to a female? Yeah in person to a couple and yes in a playful manner, winding her up a little, banter. Result? provoked a little in a good way, bantered back..... I banter, I...
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    Biggest Turnoffs

    What about puzzy farts while your banging her? (just discovered there is a name for that....queef.....never heard that before. there you go...) ....catching your foreskin in their braces....
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    Update a year later

    Fvck it. What's done is done. The past is the past. If blocking her is the best thing for your mental health, then so be it, it will give you that space to put distance between you and the past and regroup, get your strength back. You are your kid's father / legal guardian so you do get to say...
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    Looking for an LTR is Beta and women hate it

    This here be exactly the energy dynamic these two perspectives / mindsets create. The irony is kind of.....funny.
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    So far........
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    Girl on Facebook - cold approach, kind of

    Sounds like your interest level is way through the roof, you might want to check that you're not projecting your own interest level on to her. Your OP reads like a Mills and Boon. A woman with high interest level revels in it, she is in her element. A man with too high of an interest level is...
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    First Message on Tinder?

    "I know what you are thinking; you are not good enough for me. But let me assure you; you are"
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    UFC 259

    Nice card. Three title fights. https://www.ufc.com/event/ufc-259
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    Player friend's advice differs heavily from forum advice

    This vibe is probably leaking out of your sub communications...... Voila. He's outcome independent. Goes with the flow and self-amuses at the whole process. Many won't get this. The alabaster girl. The art of seduction. Stopping to smell the roses. Enjoying art. Taking your time enjoying...
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    It just gets worse by the day

    What would concern me more is why you are reading another British absolute rag of a tabloid......... Second thread in a matter of days referring to articles from sensationalist, lying, gossipy tabloids that you wouldn't wipe your ass with. Target audience: participants and audience members of...
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    Another one gone

    Let's look at it from another angle, instead of blowing smoke up your ass.. The dynamic of your "relationship" was totally off here...(off = give it a name...toxic, narcissistic) Both of you lack(ed) empathy for the other and this transpired to create a narcissistic dynamic which was the...
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    The Power of Saying "NO"

    No fvcking way..
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    1 hour on the phone. What next?

    Recognize when you are talking to a structured cvnt. Nip it in the bud asap. You do not want to waste time, money or energy meeting a cvnt in person. She did you a favor revealing herself on the phone to you. Get into the habit of nipping things early. Some are not worth being alive and should...
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    Not commiting is the only way to to maintain frame

    Water finds its own level. The type of women in your life is a reflexion of you.
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    Guy Friend May Be Going to Prison

    And highly codependent, enmeshed in each other's emotional labyrinths of confusion and pain. A world of anger and petty resentments tied together by an unhealthy, unholy, sick bond. Never take for granted your freedom and independence. "no man is free who is not master of himself" Epictetus.
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    The fastest way to knock women of the pedestal....

    Never look for a woman's approval or validation. It should mean nothing to you. No? Women do this. Men are not interested in this sort of snooping, schoolgirl crap. Who cares what she says about you. That kind of negates what you wrote above. You need to be coherent with your own philosophy...