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    Do women ever catch guys who lie about their height?

    It's a little off topic, but quite relevent nonetheless: People's perception of your actual height can be skewed for so many reasons! - If your are fat, you will look shorter - If your legs are shorter (proportionally speaking), you will look shorter - If your head is...
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    On Turning Down Social Invitations

    Exactly!:up: I've understood this a long time ago. Just like you said, it's not actually about the very times when you say "yes" and go out with people, because you might just not meet any chicks at all on every opportunity. It's more about you will get less and less asked to go out if...
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    Refusing to buy a drink

    Lol...:crackup: I hope this is a joke...:down: :nono: :crackup: To see what happens? You will be known as one of the biggest suckers of the place. Tons of chicks will flock to you for drinks...:crackup:
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    Where have all the real martial arts gone?

    If "real" martial arts were just there for show, they won't have existed for more than 1000 years.:nono: Actually because society has evolved, there are rules when you have fighting competitions. Back in the time, even just 100 years ago, people in China would have fighting tournaments al...
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    Not only are the French cowards, they're lazy too!

    Just to set the record straight, it's known as "France at two different speeds". On one hand, there are many world renowned, dynamic and highly competitive French companies; on the other, there are also the totally unefficient, lazy, state run "companies" that totally drag the French economy...
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    If you could kill a cop...

    Next thing we know, you will be asking "if you could kill the president...":rolleyes: :down:
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    Do I really need a Plan C? (career)

    Ok, I'm a typical product of the French education system. Long studies and people get their degrees "once for all". I have: - A French master's degree in "General Engineering" from a top ten French "elite" engineering school - One Master's Of Science in Computer Science from Penn State...
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    Do I really need a Plan C? (career)

    It's about projection. Your dad believes that he failed (his life), and he is now projecting his long term negativity on your. The same way a mother disappointed by her husband will tell the daughter that all men are pigs and she needs a plan B besides marriage. I say follow your dreams...
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    Whats your email address? Trust me you wont regret it

    Either you are retarded enough to believe your "friend", or you are so retarded that you came up such a lame excuse thinking we'd be retarded enough to believe you and give out our email addresses...:rolleyes: Either way, you are retarded!:crazy: :down: Get outta here you...
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    What's your personal definition of a feminist woman?

    I'm not one of those who see feminism everywhere. In my book, feminism is a somewhat good ideal taken too far. - A woman is feminist when she hates men. Not specific men because she's been hurt by them, but all men as a group. - A woman is feminist if she believes women are...
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    A Guy who has lots of women around him

    I think the rule is quite simple: - You are surrounded by girls because you actively seek them out and avoid other guys: you are gay. - You are surrounded by girls because they actively seek you out: you are a major pimp. Since you are not doing the seeking, you hang out with other guys...
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    Why do chicks think it's ok to be fat?

    Not sure about this one... Are you... hum... fat by any chance?:whistle:
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    A Guy who has lots of women around him

    I think this case of social proof works 100 times better on guys. A very average guy ("average", not ugly or below average), once surrounded by a lot of really hot women, becomes the hottest staple around for other women. However, for a chick, if she's ugly, she's ugly. A hot chick...
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    Why do chicks think it's ok to be fat?

    Disclaimer: I'm not fan of America bashing, there are a lot of things I really like about this country. However, overall Americans are just fat, fat fat fat, did I say fat?:rolleyes: In most other countries, you have a one dimensional scale of beauty, like this: ugly -----> average ----->...
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    Clubbers = better looking than general population?

    This might theoretically sound true, however I never see it happen. All the left-overs at closing time who are actually looking for a guy for that night are either ugly or fat or both. Please bear in mind that most HBs go to the clubs for the ego boost and the attention, very few are there...
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    Clubbers = better looking than general population?

    To answer the original poster: I agree with your observation. I used to go out to dance clubs a lot, and I noticed the same thing: guys AND girls are more attractive than the average population. There are different reasons to that: - Clubs tend to attract younger people, most people...
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    Forum DJ's - Settle a debate

    We all know too well that hot girls don't call, at least at the initial getting to know eachother stage, simply because they are overwhelmed with options, and they don't know how (supposedly) great you are, yet... You are just another guy. So it's our duty to take charge and call her.
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    Help needed from NATIVE English speakers

    Now another one: - Do you say "in school" or "at school" or both? Maybe with different meanings? You know what messes things up the most when you try to learn proper good English? Being surrounded by people who speak bad English. It's like the accent thing. When you spend enough...
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    Samsung v.s. ViewSonic

    It's not their fault, most western companies in the consumer/prosumer eletronics market don't have their own technologies anymore. They just buy shipments of what's produced in Taiwan, China, Singapore, South Korea and put a sticker with their brand name on it. What counts is they should be...
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    Help needed from NATIVE English speakers

    Thanks guys. Now the second round of little questions: - What's the nuance between "a lot" and "a lots". I know you can say "a lots of things" and "a lot of things", how about "a lot of hair" or "a lots of hair"? And other subtle differences? - When you have "too many things", the...