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    Towards Manhood!

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    Keys to Don Juan

    Bump 2021
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    More ********!

    I'm RE reading the book of Pook through the forum...
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    More ********!

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    SEDUCTION: Your key to attraction!

    Bump 2021
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    A Second Life

    I'm here reading Pook posts cause of u, I always hear u saying u was a sosuave mod and today I founded the godfather of the Redpill. Have read the 3 book and going to read the religion book soon. Did read the book of Pook the first time without clicking on the original posts and now reading the...
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    Ooh La La!

    Ooh La La!
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    Feminism on Trial!

    Tokyo Olympics Chief Resigns cause of this BS...
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    Feminism on Trial!

    **** my life I'm lucky I khow u guys :D :up:
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    Feeling down about your love life? Read this!

    Pook, wherever you are. Thank you for enlightening us!
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    Let yourself fail!

    18 years, thanks to Rollo Tomassi :cool:
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    DJ BIBLE link please

    Yes, already started, thanks again for your response :cool::up:
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    DJ BIBLE link please

    Thank you my friend, I'm here because of Rollo Tomassi. Pook is amazing too Do u think it's better to read the dj bible first before reading posts from sosuave? What do I think
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    DJ BIBLE link please

    Can someone help me find the dj bible pdf please. Quality forum guys, appreciate it :cool: