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    GF of 4 months broke it off today

    4 months down the f*cking drain. We were texting today and she sent me this: "Hey. I have been thinking a lot about us lately, and where our relationship is headed. I'm feeling uncertain about our future, and I don’t think that's a good sign. You're really special and you deserve to be with...
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    How should I bring up to my GF that I don't like the thirst trap pics she posts on Snapchat

    She's randomly posted mirror selfie "look at my ass" thirst trap-esque pics (once every week or two) ever since I've known her, which was fine early on since she was single, but now we're exclusive and she's still doing it just as much or more than ever. And this week she's really going for...
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    Girl I'm seeing called me out for living with parents....

    She's 29 and I'm 30. Been seeing her for ~3 months and we just (officially) went exclusive, as in had the DTR talk and decided to see only each other, about a week ago. We were watching a movie last night at her place and she randomly paused it and asked me if I live with my parents. I told her...
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    "I like where we are"--interpretation?

    Been seeing someone for a couple months now. Thing is, she's pretty fresh out of a long term relationship. And by fresh, I mean we started talking as she was moving out of her ex's apartment. In her words, she's not hurting from the breakup--she broke up with him, so maybe she's been mentally...