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    sexually kino'ed chick and said she doesn't let guys do that but 'trusts' me, f.zone?

    I grabbed her hips and she said she normally wouldn't let a guy do that but she trusts me cuz I have "good intentions". Does that mean I am in the friend zone? She does kino by grabbing my shoulders and arms but aside from that she is pretty conservative girl.
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    when girls ask u about ur love life a lot?

    a few girls keep asking me if I have a gf, and if I love someone and keep trying to pry info out of me regarding that. One was a chick I think put me in the friend zone but I am not quite sure where I stand with her. Does it mean they still might see me as a possible mate or that they are just...
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    can someone explain why a chick would randomly laugh when I am around ? (No IOI)

    I am very sure it's not an IOI because she NEVER initiates contact with me, never really helps me out when I need help, and always talks about how much she loves other guys in front of me. I lost interest in her because she is annoying, but I have to deal with her frequently as a part of my...
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    If a girl is already attracted to you should I tease her or compliment her?

    I usually can tell when a girl like me but I am not sure whether to be C+F, or should I compliment them? I find that when I compliment them they seem more into me in comparison to being C+F, and it goes against what I read here, I wanted to get a better idea guys.
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    What's up with flakey guys? (No homo)

    You know guy friends who pretend they are cool with you and agree to chill with you but then ditch you for some other friends without even letting you know. It does not bother me in the way that I feel affected, but more as to why would you simply not inform someone you're not interested or...
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    I lost my ability to open chicks...WHY?

    I don't know why but I no longer have the confidence to open chicks, and I get nervous again when I talk to them, and if I start a convo and they give me a short response I feel like they are not interested and lose motivation to continue talking. Why is this so? I never used to be like this...
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    What are some good topics to discuss with chicks?

    I find our convos run stale quickly and don't know how/where to take it, can you give me ideas of good topics? Thanks!
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    What's up with chicks I said hi to in the past ignoring me later?

    There is this chick I once struck up a convo with and it went ok. Next time when I see her she will look at me when are walking in opposite directions and quickly look to the side, instead of saying hi or what's up? What the hell is up with that?
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    Ugly girls get upset when you check them out as opposed to hot ones?

    I noticed if I look at a hot girl and she notices me looking at her and we hold eye contact, she will look away and smile, whereas if they the girl is average/ugly, and I do the same, she gets upset and mutters to herself, what's up with that? And has anyone noticed this as well?
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    If a girl freezes when you touch her shoulder is this a good or bad sign?

    When I touched her shoulder it was like I could sense she was freezing up, like I didn't know if it was cuz she was nervous and liked it, or just didn't like it. I generally get positive female reactions to me cuz of my shape, (i never got it before when i was out of shape), if that helps you...
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    if girls call themselves hotties, would you limit the compliments you give them or...

    are they just joking? Like on facebook if they post on walls saying stuff about how they look sexy, or that they are hotties, does it mean tehy have high self esteem or they are just fooling around and still need validation?
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    is it possible for girls to be nervous without the usual signs that one is nervous?

    Like without fidgety behavior or stuttering?
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    Have you ever succeeded at picking up a girl who you thought was not interested?

    I spoke to one girl today and the ***** had the nerve to not even respond to what I was saying, but whatever. I noticed with other girls if I try and make eye contact they look away, so I thought I should not bother approaching them cuz they may just not be interested. Have you guys been...
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    Guys please help, for some reason I am feeling very weak right now

    Before I was in shape I was more confident to approach and stuff, whereas now it's not like I get AA, I don't get rapid heartbeats or anything like that, it's like I just feel I should get on with my day and not slow myself down by mindlessly talking. I know that this is not the right way, I...
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    For all those who suffered from Approach Anxiety, what was the turning point for you?

    When did you finally muster up the courage and it changed ur life for good? Please share your experiences, it would be an interesting read.
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    Guys how do you talk in clubs?

    I tried today and the girl and I could not even have a decent convo, she could not even hear me and i was shouting, it felt like a waste of time :(. Do you recommend I stick to outside for pickups?
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    Can you guys give me examples of good flirting?

    I know this may sound dumb but I don't know what is effective flirting without coming across as a scumbag, could guys please provide me with some examples on how you flirt with chicks? Thanks
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    Does it bother you when people stare at you when you talking to a chick?

    It some time does bother me, I noticed people staring at me like I am a popular tv show, I feel like telling them to mind their own biz.
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    Are people open to interracial dating in the south or is it shunned upon?

    A lot of people told me it is shunned upon in those areas, and i would like to date a variety of girls. I am regular black dude who is not into the whole gangsta talk and don't want to be dating girls who are looking for that sort of thing, would I be able to date other races in the south...
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    Why the hell do I get nervous when girls make convos awkward???

    My convo's with girls are very awkward even though I know a lot are checking me out, and it puts me off approaching those who don't check me out because it's like I already expect the convo to be awkward. I ask them a question that is broad and they hit me with one word answers and don't even...