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    What do I do if I'm called out on a neg hit?

    I'm just now getting around to reading "The Game" by Neil Strauss and the above question popped into my head. What do I do if I neg a girl or one of her friends and I get a "you're an *******" response or like a "you're rude! apologize to her!" type sh!t. What can I do in this situation? What...
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    Getting A Girl's Attention... Who Already "Has a Guy" (But He's Not Her BF)

    A smoking hot girl, who is an acquaintance of mine from school, walked up to me tonight at the party I was at and was stumbling all over the place drunk talking about the ****ty guy that she's been seeing. She states that he's an ******* but she likes his friends. Obviously, since I've been used...
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    How to Start the Approach Game

    Part of me says just F****** DO IT but part of me also recognizes that I have no skill really when it comes to approaching women straight up. I sometimes catch girls looking. I'm a 6'2", fit, and I guess above average looking guy from what I've gathered from past experiences. However, walking up...
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    Infiltration of the Feminist Imperative

    Being an avid fan of psychology and social groupthink and whatnot I have been exceptionally interested in the infiltration of the feminine imperative. To my knowledge, there really hasn't been anyone to date that I can think of that has infiltrated the leftist feminine viewpoint and then curbed...
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    Don't We All Have SOME Responsibility?

    I came to this forum with the hopes of there being some answers to the questions that I had regarding women and the world that I occupy. However, I've started to get more and more questions and fewer and fewer answers. Let me preface this by saying, the world is a pretty complex and ****ed up...
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    The Feminization of My Youth (Long Post But Worth the Read)

    This is a very personal story but I want to share it with some guys who might not have realized it. When I was a kid I was always soft and not very confrontational. I'm still a little soft and I'm still slightly nonconfrontational but not near as bad as I was in my childhood. As a result, I...
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    Has Anyone Ever Thought About Creating A Chat Room?

    This is an awesome forum. I really enjoy this community and I'm really liking how amazing everyone responds to each other. I like how everything is reasonable and that everything that somebody says is up for debate. This isn't the "We Hate Women" forum that I was told it was and I am more than...
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    What IS a Quality Woman?

    I've seen post after post on what a low-quality woman is and I am kinda confused because I haven't seen much of what a high-quality woman is discussed in my past few days of being on this forum. So, gentlemen, I'd like your direct opinion on what a quality woman is. One that texts you everyday...
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    Let's Get To Work.....

    I just got back to my university. I am heartbroken over a girl who will continue to not even think about me while she's off partying and fvcking other guys. I made a post today about it but your comments have made me see the light. Let's get to fvcking work gentlemen. It's grind time. I want...
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    Should I Be Concerned About a Girl's High Body Count?

    Afternoon fellas, This is my first post on the SoSuave forum and I'm having a really hard time with one of my plates right now. I fell for this girl when I guess I shouldn't have but that's beside the point. I'm pretty much in deep now. She has had over 15 partners and has only been active...