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  1. J

    Time-wasting catfishes and self respect

    So I had my 5th date on POF and I got cat fished again. No sex. The date was too long. After 20 minutes of us being in my car I couldn't deal with her smartphone texting with her son anymore and her stupid flirting. I got annoyed, slightly angry and I told her I had to go and she needed to be...
  2. J

    This type of vehicle you drive increases attraction

    I am all for driving a newer model car. A brand new BMW, a dodge charger, a corvette. But, like most guys who can't really afford these types of brand new vehicles. Especially if you are in your 20's and have a new job with an entry level salary or maybe you are still waiting tables to make ends...
  3. J

    Girl pushed me at bar. *Snapped*

    I was standing at the bar to get a beer and this fat chick went to leave to use the restroom. 5 minutes later she came back to make her way back to her friend, grabbed my shoulders and shoved me out of the way. I almost snapped at her since my anger went from 1 to 10 in two seconds. But I...
  4. J

    Big ego or no ego? Which works best?

    Having a big ego - I have sometimes gone off on a girl. I yelled at my date for taking her time getting ready to go out. That night I had the best sex ever with her. She treated me respect after that. I have known to throw a shoe at a girl (missing her head)and telling her to cut the BS when...
  5. J

    Best cold approach?

    Its easy to approach a woman. The hard part is knowing what to say to get her attention. In a bar, club or grocery store what is the most magical thing to say? Sometimes in a club when the music is loud and a girl is dancing I will say...."You are all kinds of sexy." What is your line? Hello...
  6. J

    This is the only "game" you will ever need.

    The only "game" you will ever need is .....self-esteem. What is self-esteem? Self-esteem is loving and accepting yourself despite your failures or successes with women, careers, money and life. Your best work is when you are not trying. Things just flow when you have self-esteem. When you...
  7. J

    2017 - The "game" has changed.

    HERE ARE TWO THINGS THAT DO NOT WORK WITH WOMEN BECAUSE I EXPERIENCED THEM BOTH. BEING ALPHA I can recall at least 5-6 hot dates and a few cute girls I had relationships with in my life where the woman enjoyed taking me out. Many wanted to be the alpha in the relationship. I didn't mind nor...
  8. J

    Women who waste your time?

    My last three dates lacked chemistry. Either I wasn't "that" attracted to them or vice versa. Anyway, the last two dates wanted to eat. If a chick wants to eat on a first date it signals to me... 1.)They are not interested in me and more interested in putting food in their gut. 2.)Food on a...
  9. J

    Sex before dinners?

    I met a hottie and so far good. 1st date I just had water. She had tea and appetizer. She paid for it because I just had water and told her it was just a meet and greet. 2nd date. I had one beer and she had ice tea. She asked me to pay for her tea. I told her I would pay for it as long as she...
  10. J

    The best "inner game" frame

    Not giving a ****. That should be your attitude towards a woman. Your life is about having high self esteem, your mission in life, and not caring about validation. The moment I stop thinking about a girl and not giving a ****---- they start texting me. I forgot about a date tonight with this...
  11. J

    Date failed - booty call success.

    Crazy night tonight. I had a date with this girl tonight. Ironically, she had a date with another guy earlier this evening who spent $120 on her dinner and drinks. I told her when she is finished with him come meet me afterwards. She agreed to meet me at 10pm at a bar for drinks. When I met her...
  12. J

    Pursue or let it her go?

    I had a good 4 dates with a woman I met online. Not sure if to pursue or let her go. 1st date - high interest. No smartphone out. Lots of touching, flirting, kissing. She did show up late. 2nd date - she started to test me. (Told me she was having sex with a guy who looked like me, thought the...
  13. J

    Were getting dirty. Yet date from hell?

    "I don't get it. I had a date last night. I flirted with her, then increased the sexual tension by escalating the flirting with her. We ended up making out. She was all over me. Then she says..."We are not having sex tonight." I said "I agree." I was cool to her. We made out more. She was all...
  14. J

    How to delete all my posts?

    Anyway to delete my former posts?
  15. J

    Seducing this woman. Need tips to escalate.

    I had a couple of great dates with this woman. Both dates lasted 7 hours. We can sit, talk, tell stories, and flirt for hours about EVERYTHING. The attraction is there. We both tell a lot of stories to each other and I give her goose bumps whenever I tell her a great story. Sometimes she says we...
  16. J

    Being called adorable and cute = friend zone?

    I had a date with a woman on saturday night. She said I was ....so adorable and cute. Yet she seemed receptive to my physical advances on first date. Touching, kissing. If you are a man how would you feel to be called adorable? I get that a lot since I have a baby face and feel like I am going...
  17. J

    Push-pull created drama. End it with her?

    I think its the end of it with this chick I met online. I had some dates with her. I did the push- pull thing with her. She told me she met a guy she was seeing, but never met him in person(weird), I am cool with it because I m spinning other girls. She's an HB9. What do you guys think? Am I...
  18. J

    Stop being a dumbass?

    Any guys think that playing "dumb as a fox" works for you?
  19. J

    Rock Star mentality and framework

    Follow your passion. Everything else will follow.
  20. J

    Car broke down on date.

    I agreed to meet this girl who lived two hours away --- halfway at a sportsbar between two cities. I have two cars and couldn't decide which one to take. I took the Camry. I was hesitant to meet her, but she nagged me for a month to meet her since she was in the mood. lol I drove halfway to...