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    Asking the girl to come to my house and find herself if she likes me or not.

    I have this girl in my office with whom I have had on and off relationship. We never had sex but I have made it clear that it is the only thing between us to deepen our bonding. She has her own constraints. I am leaving the job. Tomorrow it will be my last day. We are in silent treatment but we...
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    My soul is corrupted.

    My life has been nerdy and studious with no regard to what was relationship. I had lots of girls who just hooked up (sharing of feeling phases). I never went past that stage into intimacy or sexual. I had no idea what to do or even think it was even necessary until marriage. I am old now(30 yo)...
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    Stop the cope move places.

    So how do you guys live near the person whom you love but who has rejected you or are in relationship with someone else? Someone with whom you have to talk everyday for the office work or college routine knowing clearly that she rejected you. She talks about work and whatnot and at the end of...
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    Is there any De-Alpha book?

    I am so done. 10 years of reading PUA material, “how to be alpha”, “how to attract girls”, “how to self improve”, have taken toll on me now. This is not for everyone. Most of us started when we wanted one single permanent partner. When we failed we started this PUA journey. Most other starts...
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    How to deal with this? Sadomasochism

    I am having hard time dealing with my sexuality. Recently I was rejected by a girl who was submissive to me while still being older than me. What she showed me was true nature of submissiveness. She turned me on like fire. I have been masturbating 5-6 times everyday. One day I made it 10. I am...
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    If the girl is ready to leave you then you are not worthy enough!

    Is this one true redpill that every man should accept? I guess most of you would agree, but why are there examples of girls dumping Johnny Depp or some other celebrities. Dicaprio dumped many girls himself. What is the in-relation game difference between Dicaprio and alike and other people who...
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    Game is basically economics.

    More specifically it is Game theory, Utility theory and Management. Love? It is chemicals that makes you want to do things quicker rather than tactically. These chemicals feels good and you skip applying logical steps or jump steps to try to find conclusion. You say I love you, you ask If she...
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    Which book would one suggest to read at the end of year 2019?

    Art Of Seduction Mystery Rational Male
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    How to find submissive partner?

    I suppose happy relationships are "men dominating" and "women submissive". If you play the other role, you will have trouble in maintaining relationship. I believe most women tend to pretend to be submissive because they know that's how they will attract the guy.In general is there a way to find...
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    Yin Yan and BJS

    So I recently read a great article about maintaining relationship. See the attachment. The author talk about Man is Yin (the active part) and women is Yan (the passive, responding one), specially in bedroom. So man has to be inserting and pushing and pulling and it happens most of the time. Then...
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    What happens closed doors?

    28 virgin here. Some of you are married, had multiple girlfriends, divorces and definitely sex. How does the dynamics play inside closed doors? Do they play submissive inside and bit independent outside among groups? How do you address this inside doors. For instance she gives opposite opinion...
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    Girl is hating on me explicitly.

    I might be reading too much or not but signs are very strong that implies she is hating on me. Long story short, I and this young married girl get along. I was her leisure for tea, bunking meeting or anything. Then I got entitled and ask couple of sexual question and she got the feeling that I...
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    *Non-PUA* Should you keep chasing a girl while also improving your SMV?

    I have this girl whom I have been in love for more than 8 months. She was not single btw. We started good where she would tell me she is doubting her bf was cheating on her but she love her etc etc. She said she was attracted to me. She would then talk nicely to me sometimes comparing me with...
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    The most dangerous person is a man who has nothing to lose.

    Is it true a cold man with repressed emotions and repressed sexual desires are attractive to girls? How does this work? Also what is the benefits of being cold around the girl who rejected you?
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    Sexualising your partner.

    I m still a virgin. had relationship but didn’t do anything. I have question for people who are in relationships, or were or are married. Does sexualising your girl pisses them off? Like you gonna touch her parts and talk dirty to her and expect her to be submissive etc. Does this piss them...
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    Humility vs ****iness

    I recently attracted a girl and she told me about how she liked me the way I was. Confident, fearless to talk to anyone about anything, working hard etc etc. No exchange of love commitment(I don’t know when it is for women that they explicitly state that they love you). I became entitled(If...
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    This girl is going to ask me how many sexual partner I have had. I am virgin but I am good with attracting girls bt never had sex.What should I reply?

    She is not my girlfriend but I got her to talk about sex stuffs. She will soon ask me if how many girls I have ****ed. Although I am good with getting girls I never felt like ****ing. I thought I might get into trouble, girl would stick with me or complain or ask for marriage.
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    Is ignoring or not showing care for your targeted girl a kind of pseudo tactic of attracting her?

    So ignoring, negging and showing less care for the targeted girl is seem to be a standard technique followed by us. Does it work? Sometimes it does. Sometimes the girl just backfire and stop caring herself. You can apply this to random chick and immediately see the effect. But what is you have a...
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    Physical Pleasure vs Emotional Agreement

    I have been in a lot of relationship but none of them ended in sexual encounter(call me a failure but i did not have sexual urges back when I was young, i was of impression that love and relationship is something divine). My question is for those who have had sexual relationship going. If there...
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    Very specific practical way to make your ex or someone who rejected your advances make fall in love with you

    I have been rejected a lot in my life and I have also rejected a few. The cope level went from high severe pain of 24 hours crying in a closed room to now just few days of numbness. All these rejections happened because I never tried to understand women and went straight head on telling them I...