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    Gf ditched me to meet some other “friend”dude

    Gf living with me. Been going out for over a year On Friday was supposed to have dinner She cancelled last minute saying she wasn’t hungry. Then I asked what time are we meeting . Then she said she’s meeting friends and told me to meet the next day . Later I found out she’s meeting with some...
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    Is this a shyte test? How to react?

    Plate: sends me a sexy pic me: I wanna bang u right now plate: you know i don’t like that word me~; (thinking to myself ...never said that to be before)... “since when?” plate - since forever me: silence I was thinking of a funny comeback to diffuse: me`; what word wpuld you rather me use...
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    COVID is a lie.

    So we are sacrificing the livelihoods of the strong and able in able to save the weak and infirm? Over 20m have lost their jobs in the US. Is this cost we must pay to save 100,000, 1m or even 10m lives? The governments are making the greatest blunder in the history of mankind with all these...
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    Came across this gem....

    The Easiest Way To Revive A Flagging Relationship Uncategorized / Leave a Comment / By kingsoftheweb Beta backsliding is a fact of life. Even the hardest alphas will occasionally show flashes of humanity that rev their women’s **** testing engines. Most of these moments are brief and...
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    Does Emotional cheating count ?

    Ie liking/hanging out some other guy when she is with you . ? Also going cold with you at same time
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    Should I go?

    Chick I been seeing around 6 months . Few weeks she said she had some days off and I text and said we should go somewhere . No response . I didn’t follow up and she text “ how are you “ after 10 Days . I responded indifferently and we talked for awhile and then we decided to go somewhere this...
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    Walking away = Power

    Me : drinks tonight ? Her : not sure. Need sleep . Was partying all night Me: sleep then come out Preview on message but never opened her next message which was: Her: maybe but it might be later . After that I just ghosted and blocked This was a chick I was making out with a few days ago ...
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    wtf Is happening to me

    Just broke up with chick I was seeing. I have a new chick now but still thinking about my old chick. I didn’t give a fvck about her when I was with her and even when she dumped me I was meh, so what . I found new chick in a week. But I saw my old chick few days ago on the street and now I can’t...
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    How often should you see /contact your new girl

    heres question for you. You just met new girl ie less than a month . He often should you see her
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    HB9 wants to join me and my buddy in Vegas

    HB9 I met a few months ago, wants to join me and my buddy in Vegas. I hooked up with her a few times but didn't show much interest because I'm spinning like 4 plates already which is a handful. So she asked me what I was doing this summer and I said I'm going to Vegas with my buddy. She...
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    Girl asked me to go with her to Pride party?

    So this girl has asked me to go with her to a pride party lol. She knows I'm not a homosexual. . I made that clear. I'm not even thinking of responding but really want to give her snarky response .
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    Why are all the Legends banned from this site?

    poon king Playherman Maximus Rex Dhomagulus And others
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    Why would a girl lie about this ?

    So been seeing this chick for a few weeks but not officially going out etc. Spent afternoon with her and was expecting to go dinner but she said she was tired and was going to cook at home. However at around 5.30 she asked me the time . Later I said why don't we get massage coz she was tired...
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    3 things that make a DJ

    1. Not afraid of losing the chick 2. Always be willing to walk away 3. Never fall in love if you break any of the above you lose. Everything else is conversation.
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    Guess she had the last laugh.

    http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=227869 So following on this. I ignored and I got a text asking why I didn't reply a few days ago. She doesn't know for sure whether I got the message or not since there was no read receipt or double tick. Anyway I replied by ?????? Been 3...
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    How would you reply to this?

    Girl broke up with you a year ago to go back to her exbf. Texts you out of the blue and said she's doing well blah blah, and asks how are you doing? What would your response be? 1. ignore 2. Say you are doing great! 3. Tell her to fuk off
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    Is it beta to take back a cheater?

    Any exceptions? Would you give it a second chance?
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    When she pvssy farts on you?

    is this a red flag?
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    If you want to get your ex back read this...

    Mike: Okay, so what if I don't want to give up on her? Rob: You don't call. Mike: But you said I don't call if I wanted to give up on her. Rob: Right. Mike: So I don't call either way? Rob: Right. Mike: So what's the difference? Rob: There is no difference right now. See, Mike, the only...
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    Most of you will get married then divorced

    Because this is what happens unless you are blessed to be in 99% ile