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  1. Z

    What's my title???

    So I've been hanging out with this chick for about 3 months. Posted some stuff about her a bit back. We're talking last night and she asks me what she's supposed to call me when her friends and family ask about me? I respond with "ZTIME of course! That's my name." Of course this leads to the...
  2. Z

    Should we feel bad??

    Heading out tonight to meet girl #2....****tails and of course the rest. This isn't amature hour. Girl 2 is on the phone with me as girl #1 is calling. I told girl #1 I was tired and not willing to drive 30 min. To her place, knowing girl #2 was in the bank. Problem is I totally like girl one...
  3. Z

    Need solid talk now!

    Been great after my break up....dated lots of girls and have been very successful doing it. Now I find myself caring and moving outside of my frame! I know it's not good, Any advice for settling the inner mind????? My free time is very limited. My SMV is huge! I just really need help with...
  4. Z

    Too many mixed signals

    So I met this girl a few weeks back. Hb8, with a thick Russian accent. She's 39, good job, own place etc. I take her to a beach party with a bunch of friends and we have a blast. We go back to her place have a few drinks and start making out. We escalate to her room and all is good. I get up...
  5. Z

    Ever just say "fvck it" and friend zone a chick?

    Met this chick a few days back. HB7 (face), HB9 (body, like model perfect). We're having a couple ****tails, the vibe is good, little kino going on, you all get it. Anyway, she starts telling me stories of her ex husband and how she tried to make him happy (cooking, cleaning, THREESOMES, and...
  6. Z

    Moral dilemma....opinions.

    Friend of mine asked if he could hang at my place, have a couple beers, shoot pool,etc. I say sure I'll be home by 8:30. He stops by a little intoxicated with this bartender chick. (High 7, nice rack). I go to grab some drinks and they start looking through movies to watch (thought we were...
  7. Z

    Chuck Norris

    So Chuck Norris turned 76, and my guess is that he is still getting la*d on a regular basis. Just for fun, what's your favorite Chuck Norris saying? I have a few, but one of my favorites: Chuck Norris doesn't dial a wrong number. You answered the wrong phone.
  8. Z

    Men really do this???

    My history with my ex LTR has been pretty well documented here. I'll leave that thread buried but figured I'd post this gem. Yesterday morning I'm headed to my front door to go hang at the beach with some friends. I open the door to see this guy with a clipboard about to ring the bell. He say...
  9. Z

    45 caliber crisis (mid life March)

    Well, I'm half way there! Coming up to the big 45! Honestly, I didn't really think it would effect me. Recently however, I find my self doing a "life evaluation" and I'm starting to feel a little unsatisfied. Thought I'd post a little run down of where I'm at and absorb any advice left, so...
  10. Z

    A Valuable Lesson

    It’s so hard to decipher lately some of the break-up stories and female problem threads that you see posted all over the site. So many different relationships all with the same result of a break up and a defeated guy looking for advice on how to get over it. You see the same answers: go NC, get...
  11. Z

    I Met Your Princess Of A Wife

    Being a full time ZTIME can get rough once in a while. Juggling a career, a new startup company, working out, meditation, house, dogs, etc. doesn’t leave a lot of social time on the table. I really can’t complain though. I worked late last night and decided to stop by my favorite neighborhood...
  12. Z

    The Little Weiner...What would you do?

    So I’ve got this 16 yr. old miniature dachshund that I’ve had since he was born. He was given to me as a gift from an LTR way back in the day. The little guy is a chick magnet! Anytime you take the little fella out in public or bring a chick to your place, he’s always getting a ton of...
  13. Z

    Rock and a hard place

    Ok, not a terrible problem, but I kind of need a little advice with this situation. Went to a party last Saturday night and met up with an HB8. Had a great time...ended up going getting home the next day. No big deal, got the job done. I know the chick is into me, and that's a cool place to be...
  14. Z

    What's up with walmart??

    Has anybody seen recently that Walmart has closed 5 locations and the military has taken them over?? I would just like to know what you guys think of this situation. We can talk about chicks all day long, but building military bases out of walmarts gets a little freaky!! Do some google searches...
  15. Z

    Just A Heavy Day

    As a young Ztime when I was about 15yrs old I got my first job. It was nothing special. I was working at a hamburger joint in the mall in the town where I was attending high school. It was great for meeting chicks, and as is the case with most malls, the internal barter system was great for...
  16. Z

    How'd you like to be a millennial dad??

    Got this article from an advertising sales girl I do business with. The article was written by a female, but kind of disturbing if these groups of guys are truly growing. Is this truly the way the female population believes we should think...
  17. Z

    A Simple Thank You

    It’s been a little over 6 months since finding this site. Just like many of you here I was looking to get over a break up and needed a place to post my story and get advice from some of the pros who have been down the path. Not only did I get the advice, but I got a whole new perspective on...
  18. Z

    Dealing With The Pain Anything New Out There

    So since I was 17 I've been dealing with "Cluster Migraines". I get them daily for about 2 - 3 months out of the year. These aren't your lay in a dark room and close your eyes migraines, they're the blow your fuc**ng brains out migraines. They're often referred to as "suicide headaches". Two...
  19. Z

    What Will You Leave Behind

    I figured I'd put this thread here in the mature section to see what kind of mature responses I would get. I love the SS forum and I'm learning, but with all of this talk about "red pill" and becoming a better you, I was wondering if you took females out of the equation, what will be your...
  20. Z

    Should Have Saw It Coming

    So I read through all of these posts and I must say they are quite enlightening. I wanted to share my current story with everyone to see your thoughts. I dated a Girl for the last 3.5 years. As with all relationships, mine started off great! This girl was attractive, loving, and nice...