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    Practising the art of pick-up on ugly girls first?

    would it make sense for the not so experienced ones between us to practice picking up girls on the ugly ones first? I feel like I would be more comfortable at first talking to ugly girls because you'd feel more confident in front of them and you'd have a higher chance of getting a yes right? I...
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    Best jokes to use when approaching a girl?

    I'm pretty sure everyone here knows that every single girl likes to laugh. It's one of the best ways to win her over. But it's often difficult to come up with a funny thing to say on the spot, so it's probably better for beginners to have one or two funny jokes up their sleeves to use when...
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    What do you guys think about this line?

    So, anyone who has approached girls at least a few times has probably experienced rejection. Rejection is probably amongst the most painful emotional experiences a man can experience. The mere thought alone of being rejected creates such severe anxiety that most of us stop approaching girls all...