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    The traditional role of men

    Quick question: To the guys who want women to fulfill traditional roles, would you be willing to fulfill a traditional role as a man? (ie. Raise a family, put food on the table, signing up to fight in wars, having strong moral principles and patriotism) My parents are...
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    Why are half the threads here about "Why women suck"?

    It just seems a little...well, creepy. Half the forums are filled with threads crying about the negative aspects of women. For a while I thought this was the gay PUA forum.
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    How many of you guys have more than a 5% success rate?

    I was reading some posts about guys who were claiming they had success rates of 25% or something, and I thought hey, this can't be right. Basically, this means I can point to 4 random women, and that guy will be able to get one number, a date, and then get laid (or relationship, depending on...
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    Sex cheat sheet

    Hey does anyone remember that Seinfeld episode where George is having sex with this girl, and he wrote down crib notes on his hand for a sex move? I just saw it at work today, it was absolute funny, especially the expression that women gives him when she sees it. Girl: "Crib notes? You...
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    What exactly is a "deep guy"?

    So I hear this a lot - "He's such a deep guy!" Now I know what shallow dude is (I'm one), and I know deep is the opposite of shallow, but what exactly is a deep guy? Is it someone who sleeps with fat chicks who have nice personalities? Someone who writes love poems and cry when they watch...
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    You're a loser, not a winner

    Don't you find those stupid kids sports stupid, the way they tell the kids "You're all winners"? True story: I was waiting for my girlfriend at this junior girls soccer competition (she's their sports coach). The game ends, not only did they NOT take score, the umpire tells the kids they're...
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    Anyone here scared of clowns?

    Man I normally dont fear clowns, but they make me nervous sometimes! Like today I was in the elevator with this clown, and he was holding a knife and grinning at me. I knew it wasn't a nutcase (probably some dude from the law firm upstairs cutting the xmas cake), but I was still a little...
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    Share your crazy date stories

    I think I've finally recovered from getting a heavy tree branch in the head. I'm dating this outdoorsy girl, she's one of those hardcore hikers who thinks paths are for wusses. Anyway I slipped off a small cliff (not a real cliff, just a little broken-off slope), grabbed a tree branch, then...
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    Why are we so nice these days?

    This is an odd question, but has anyone noticed that we (humans) are getting nicer and nicer these days? I mean, a thousand years ago, it was perfectly okay for kings to rape little girls, soldiers to massacre an entire city, and slavery was legal. Today we talk about charity...
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    Isn't everyone the same, really?

    I've heard the stuff that "all women are the same", but if you think about it, isn't everyone the same? I mean, we've got different wants, but our needs are really the same. Pleasure, ego, sex, etc (Maslow summed this up pretty neatly). I'm not a psychologist, so I can't really verify this...
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    Why do people dislike being alone?

    I don't know if there's something weird about me, but I seem to be the only person (aside from emo girls) who doesn't mind being alone. I'm not talking about being locked in my room playing video games, but anywhere. Only a while ago, I spent 10 days in a forest taking pictures and data for...
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    Anyone here read books?

    Hey does anyone here read fiction books? I've noticed people don't read much fiction these days.
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    Does anyone get annoyed by intellectual wanking?

    Man, if you've ever done business or liberal arts subjects at college, most of the professors are like those guys who talk about pick-up strategies, but never actually get laid! If there's one reform to the education system, it should be to only hire professors with real experience in their...
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    I am NEVER doing online dating again

    After like a gazillion tons of pressure from my friends I decided to give it a try. So I put up a profile, wait a few days, nothing. Then I put up my pic, wait a few days, 2 messages from the finalists of Ugly People Award. So I take the initiative and send some messages to a bunch of girls...
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    Anyone seen this excellent movie?

    I just saw "Stalingrad" at our college movie hall today. Damn, its a hell of a movie! Its about a bunch of German soldiers stuck in the city of Stalingrad. The plot is kind of crap, but the individual scenes are really good. Although I reckon they went a bit overboard with the 'evil nazi...
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    Having your own ideology

    Does anyone here have their own, personal ideology? For example, our society is often lumped into various "ideological groups". Liberals, conservatives, communists, religous people, anarchists, etc. But I've found I fit into none of these, so I made up my own ideology. I call it "El Grando...
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    Dutch sexual freedom may be going too far...

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    "Happy Tree Friends"

    Boy, is this some twisted show or what? The weirdest part was when the fluffy pink bunny got her face sliced off and she ran around with blood all over the room. Anyone seen this show?
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    Pleasure = bad

    Isn't it interesting how society seems to be conditioned to think that personal pleasure is a bad thing?
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    Why are men so emotional these days?

    Only recently, while sitting on a bus, I saw a man crying. Not just a few tears, but the whole waterworks. Sobbing. According to the passenger next to me, the guy was crying about being dumped over the mobile phone. I started wondering, when has it become ok for guys to express emotions...