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    Be desire less

    Just as Pook said, "Be desire less". Bigneil made a post about something similar. In which, he wrote about how his girlfriend told him that girls love it more if they kissed you first, or initiate kino first. Though I'm pretty sure Pook's saying didn't cross his mind when he made that post...
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    Girl literally ran way

    I approached a girl in a store with, "Hey, I saw you and think you're cute, so, I came to say hi". I was a little nervous when I said it so it didn't come out well. So, I repeated it, then she was like "oh", then ran out of the store :D. Edited: For some strange reason, that got me in a really...
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    Pof first message. What do you think?

    "Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but give me your number, I'll call you maybe :D"
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    Example of a neg

    In class I saw a post on facebook of a neg hit and decided to use it as a joke in class. This chick was sitting behind me and turned and said; King: You are A B C D E F G H I J K King: Want to know what it means? Girl: Yes. King: You are, amazing, beautiful;, cute, diligent, elegant...
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    A girl told me she has a boyfriend, and I said, "Well everyone is always looking for something better" ;) . Didn't get her, but she was very impressed :D
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    When is Pook coming back?
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    Searching for a member

    I recently read a thread by someone , who I can't remember. In it, he said he wrote poems and flirts with girls at his work, a call center (I think). ANy information on the poster?
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    King Addressing the Masses: Field Report

    I haven't been out in a while, so today, I went to see the city. Semi-Calm, semi-attentive to my surrounding, but I'm comfortable with making eye contacts with people. So, all in all, I wasn't able to make one damn approach. School starting tomorrow and I'm going to try to make some...