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  1. SadoMasochrist

    I'm done accumulating knowledge on the structure of LTRs\Marriage and the SMP, here's my braindump

    Tried posting this to TRP, but I think they shadow banned me because they think I was involved in a leak... lol. They've lost their minds over there. Well here's a giant post from some blue pill spy! Anyways guys, hope you enjoy your read here. It's important I think for you to formulate...
  2. SadoMasochrist

    Post your successful relationships with women with BPD

    Include relevant details (Ages, length, kids or marriage) Have you entered the hater\painted black stage? What you did to make it work. I have a hypothesis. No one will reply to this thread with a success story. I have some theories to make such a relationship "tolerable" but not...
  3. SadoMasochrist

    Those of you stuck in a BPD relationship that can't leave (kids)

    I think this is the closest these lovecraftian creatures can be tamed. If you do not have children, and ask for my advice, I will do the closest thing possible to urinating in your face over the internet. There is simply no reason to stay with these women unless you have accidentally created...
  4. SadoMasochrist

    So I'm nearing my thesis on borderline personality women

    Shortlist to determine they are likely borderline Intense honeymoon stage There were significant elements of her courting you Asks for commitment early in the form of ILUs The relationship takes a 180 once you start to commit to her She "hates you" but won't leave (only when under YOUR frame)...