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    Most obvious come-on that was missed

    i was around 17. I was at nigth school with some hot (8.5) chick i've know for a couple of weeks. We leave in the middle of class and go outside. So we're outside talkin about bullsh!t and she walks up inches from me, and says "you know, i've never kissed i guy my age before." me being...
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    If Ugly Girls Approach You...

    the thing is Usually girls have very low self-esteem, very self conscious. They’re always thinking bout wat other people thinking or sayin, that’s why you never see them approaching guys or makin the first phone call. They’re scared ****less bout that sort of ****… Now, usually the only time...
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    Does "race" matter at all to a girl?

    clarification on earlier post what I’m sayin is that we live in a society built on racism…I mean it hasn’t even been 40 yrs since the civil rights movement… its not as bad as it used to be but in the eyes of the general public, that sort of sh!t is still taboo.
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    Does "race" matter at all to a girl?

    personally I don’t think its too big of a factor, even though we do live in a racist society(to think otherwise is just being naïve). It'd be an issue if your lookin for a long term relationship cuz we’re all insecure and introverted in our own ways, wonderin what other people are sayin behind...
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    Wanted: Your Most AFC Move

    this was bac in high school...i used to take some nite classes. aLota girls used to dig me but i was too much of a chump to spit some game. anyways there was this one chick (HB9) that would walk around with me n hold hands, huggin me and sh!t like she was my girl or somethin. But she would flake...
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    Shot-Down Comebacks

    well put blitz..If you want her go for it, don’t hesitate…she’ll know ur position n you’ll kno hers.
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    Knock It Off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Turning down easy a$$

    fvcking kids r ruining the site, I promise....loll. lol..yall need to writin these dam threads bout what major pimps yall are. its fvckin retarded. "School Slut, is all over me. I got cash, car and dress nice. Plus, I am a DJ and people know me." woww.. your soo cool..loll.. you sound a...
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    Humor + Wit

    THA REALNESS..? wat a ****!ng dork lol
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    "Average Joe"

    golf299 "the pretty boy, total afc"golf299 "the pretty boy, total afc" wat the hell you talkin bout man, that dude was confident as sh!t, he knew he was gonna get the chick from the begining. hes was laid bac too, you can tell he didn't really give a **** till the end.
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    Girls Who Refuse to Acknowledge Your Existence

    cuz u probably have a small pecker yoo your given those conifdent bi.tches way too much attention or ur tryin to impress them and they see rite through that u gotta realize that bi.cthes want tha best that they can get, so u gotta act like they aint shi.t, that ur above them, that u've had...
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    P.I.M.P mentality.

    Yooyoo Wats goin on….. I’ve been coming to this site for a while now, I’m lovin wat u guys are doin I’ve read the articles in the BootCamp and on the board and i gotta say they’ve changed my out look on life. My game is developing thoroughly. Give me a 7 or an 8 n i will charm the...