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    Not having sex with a woman because of long friendship

    I found out a few months ago that only female friend of 5 years has a crush on me, and I rejected her. She is on the borderline of whether I’m more than mildly attracted to her. I had accepted her as friend because I was interested in hotter women, decided I didn’t need to **** her. And she...
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    Did my female friend just proposition me sexually?

    She is a friend, 100% platonic. She’s somewhat attractive, but I’ve never thought we meshed like that for whatever reason. We were taking about beaches, which she loves and idgaf about, when this happened. I tried to signal my disinterest by steering the convo away from sex. I don’t want to...
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    Should I open the Oneitis file?

    Two years ago I experienced a once in a lifetime thing for me when I was chased by a legit, very horny HB9 hitting the wall whom I had a huge crush on. It was pretty much a dream, I was not prepared, lost frame, and got embarrassingly rejected after 7 weeks. I knew it would end that way, but I...
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    How to interact with a woman who rejected you?

    Suppose you briefly dated a co-worker or someone in your social circle, you liked her, and she rejected you, and now you have to see her again... how do you interact with her without either being a douche by being a **** to her just because she rejected you or in any way implying that you accept...
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    First dating experience. I destroyed myself in the eyes of my ONEitis.

    Part 1 of 3: I’m 35 years old. Prior to a few months ago had never dated before, and I’m still a virgin. I’ve avoided dating because I’m physically debilitated with arthritis, as a result of which I’m marginally employed in a call center, live with my father, have no social life and few...