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    WTF happened here, was I in the wrong?

    Me and this girl dated for 2 years, on the outside ALL of my friends and cohorts said we were perfect for each other, we were both the same age, had the same taste in music, had all the same friends, had same jobs (bartenders), we really clicked on those levels. About 3 months into the...
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    Good girl, little sex

    I know I please her sexually, I use all kind of stuff on her, toys, oral, whatever it takes to make it happen. I usually try to get her off before I ever even stick it in, she's told me before that she's had multiple orgasm's when with me, (this was out of the blue at lunch one day, I didn't...
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    Good girl, little sex

    Well, thanks to this website I have landed a keeper, she's hot, intelligent, funny, she's a lead-singer in a band, (she's going to Vegas this summer to sing) She's almost perfect 'cept one thing. She doesn't like to give up the poon. We've only been dating like 6 months and she only gives it...
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    The girl friend phenomenon

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that once you get a "girlfriend" other girls will just start throwing themselves at you? I just started "dating" a girl I"ve know for some time and since we have started dating (less than 2 weeks) I've literally had 4 girls throw themselves at me. I...
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    Alabama DJ's

    Wanna know about t-town? ask me I live in Tuscaloosa and I can party like no one's business. I have had parties that over 200 people have showed up at. I can show you all the places to throw down, I can tell you where to go to pick up a certain type of chick. wanna know, just ask. I'm a...
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    Full blast to ice cold in 12 hours?

    Thing is though is all her friends are all my friends. It seems that all our friends like the "thought" of us hanging out. I'm trying to not shoot myself in teh foot here. I'm not committed to this chick, I like her and she's cool, but I don't wanna pull over my life for her. I've got like 2...
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    Full blast to ice cold in 12 hours?

    what is an asd?
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    Full blast to ice cold in 12 hours?

    I have known this chick for quite some time now (i.e., 6 months) She works at a bar I frequent. Now dont' get me wrong I'm usually in there at least 1 a week with a different girl and I can get numbers from chicks in the bar at anytime. I've never really hit on the bartender as I know she...
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    I need help with my roommate.

    Ok, this isn't really a "girl problem" but it kinda is. My roommate, who is female, is really hot, I would say like a 9 or so. She is a pretty cool chick, but she is young, she is 20. My problem isn't with her its with a new guy she is dating. I've known this guy for like 4 years now and he...
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    Help, I got one date itous

    I am having some severe difficulties here. I have NO problem at all meeting girls, in fact I have 10 numbers sitting here in front of me. I don't get nervous around chicks, I have no problem in talking to them. What I do have a problem with is only having a single date with them. In the last...
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    Friends Girlfriend

    Yea, I have a friend of mine who's girlfriend is all over me. I guess I instigated it a little bit, but the other night my friend spent the night. (He's moving here next month, was down signing lease agreements/partying this last weekend) His girlfriend was all over me. I walked in my bed...
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    Reached my tipping point of AFCishness

    Dude, chicks at college WANNA get banged. I wait tables, the other day I was being C&F to one of my tables. I ended up taking BOTH girls to the back of the resturaunt and hooking up with them both. I got one of their numbers but I don't know her name, (o well) just go for it, what are they...
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    She told me I could date other chic's?

    K long story short, I've been seeing this girl for like 2 1/2 months. We get along good, I'm not an AFC to her, I tap that a$$ whenever I want, we always have a good time together. She pays for dinner and picks me up when I want. We have a lot of things in common. Today we went out to...
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    Hot... Cooooooold

    ok, let's play a little word game, I'm gonna give you some words and you put them in a sentence. Girl, curb, kick Any questions?
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    Most obvious come-on that was missed

    I had a HOT a$$ female friend of mine tell me that I could grab her breast and play with them if I wanted too. God I wish I wasn't such an afc back then. She's now married with a kid.
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    How to turn from a loser who is nothing to something?

    Here is some really good advice for you. Go to some resturaunts in town, find one that seems to be busy alot and also has a lot of Hotties working there, then apply for a job waiting tables. THis will help ya out immensly as you will be working with the public a good bit, and having hotties as...
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    How to turn from a loser who is nothing to something?

    Dude, stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something to change your situation, go to the gym, get big and strong, (confidence booster), take martial arts, (I would suggest Budo Taijitsu, this is also a confidence booster, you'll have confidence knowing u can kick some A$$) read books, take...