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  1. LarryLiesureSuit

    Forums are useless for learning anything

    Having you noticed that the time that you put in those forums compare to the times an advice on this forums has worked for you is very big? I personally, spent so much on those pua sites and got 0% improvement.. even a theoretical improvement.. Do you agree?
  2. LarryLiesureSuit

    What activities should I do when I dont do pick-up?

    Activities that will help me with my pick up. Do you do any supporting activities to do with pua.
  3. LarryLiesureSuit

    Do you know any good cold reading routines?

    I want something that works succinctly and fast on a group of girls. I want to rely on some routines to build some value.
  4. LarryLiesureSuit

    Lets Get Married show

    There is a show that I have been watching. It is a show where there are 3 contests and one decision maker. The decision maker chooses who to marry. The contests and the decision makers are always the opposite gender. I followed the show where the decision maker is a man. And it got boring do...
  5. LarryLiesureSuit

    I am confused about the initial start of the conversation.

    I am a beginner (2 years in game, but still a beginner). I go out 3 times a week for about 2 hours. I use a few kind of openers. 1. Context Item. Simply talk about what I observe. 2. Direct Compliment. 4. High energy opener. Irrelevant openers and routines. I deliver an intent to why I am...