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  1. Shrubber101

    If you were gay for a day...

    Who would you bang? Ok so I consider myself 100% hetero. Sexuallity is a spectrum and I've always placed myself at the very end of it but we can we all here appreciate male beauty. We all know what a hot guy looks like right? So for me it would be this guy.. Elvis in 1968. This guy was...
  2. Shrubber101

    If you want to go no fap then this might help..

    Ok In not a devotee of no fap. Moderation in all things imo but if you think you need to stop then this might help. So this is a bit weird but I found this old kids plastic microscope in my attic with some slides so being the curious sort I thought, "I wonder if I can see me sperm with this..."...
  3. Shrubber101

    So just watched Birdbox on Netflix

    Never seen so much unashamed liberal, feminist, anti white male propaganda. Most of the characters were either women or ethnic minorities and the few white males that appeared were all portrayed negatively cos white men are evil obviously. All the women were of course strong and independent and...