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    Blocking an ex and her friends...childish or not?

    Brilliantly worded and spot on.

    Red flag: When she's a little too "into you" too quick.

    Ah, I see you found it already, kudos. It's CRAZY how accurate this information is.

    Red flag: When she's a little too "into you" too quick.

    Google secure, avoidant, anxious and disorganized attachment styles. It really makes you see yourself and people differently (and honestly) when you're aware of which attachment style you have and how to self-improve if it's anything besides secure.

    Red flag: When she's a little too "into you" too quick.

    I wish I read this sooner and looked deeper into my exGF's stories... Would've saved me a lot of trouble. I found out from my friend who's a psychiatrist that this is an attachment disorder. As strongly as it starts, it can go south just as fast when you don't meet their ideals. Turn and run...

    Accepting BS - where to draw the line

    I have to memorize, internalize and enact this piece of gold...


    Dude, I've been there and done that.. And just recently! We tend to ignore red flags in these cases but in hindsight, my exGF was dropping blatant hints as to how bad she was with money. She spent all her income on clothes she doesn't wear and expensive shoes. When she hit a financial pothole...

    Depression Issues re girl I'm dating

    I've taken this prognostication to heart and am moving on. I spoke to a close friend about her anxiety and depression and even she said stay the f away. I'm in agreement on this. I forewarned her that I was going to leave the situation whenever something doesn't add to my life or doesn't make...

    Dealing with a women when she is depressed.

    She drinks wine casually and EVERYONE in her life has drama. Her friends actually compete to see who's trauma is worse and I could believe the amount of negativity and stress that surrounds her. Every new person I met that's in her life has got problems that she feels she needs to be involved...

    Depression Issues re girl I'm dating

    She hasn't added any value over the last few months. She was acting a fool again this weekend while constantly reaching out with indirect direct contact. Nothing of substance so I've been ghosting her.
  10. XFORCE

    Things INSANE women say

    A girl I used to date cried every third time we'd get together. The first time is when she cried in my car, afraid that the relationship wasn't going anywhere. After she calmed down, I told her it's okay to cry. "I wasn't crying," she says, four minutes after balling her eyes out with her...
  11. XFORCE

    Dealing with a women when she is depressed.

    Yes, this is sounding like the correct way of proceeding. Going through this previously when my dad had depression, I know now he had to figure it out on his own. When you mention input or contribution, are you referring to my efforts to discuss/understand what she's going through? Or...
  12. XFORCE

    Depression Issues re girl I'm dating

    Going through the inconsistencies of communication now with my GF. She's gone through a bunch of stresses the last few months and began abusing her meds. Her circumstances have improved the last few weeks but she acknowledges she needs therapy for her unresolved issues that caused her...
  13. XFORCE

    Dealing with a women when she is depressed.

    I'm just getting started with my GF trying to get through her issues and depression. I want to be there for her but I've never heard this before although it makes COMPLETE sense. This is gold. I'm storing this in my memory banks for future use.
  14. XFORCE

    Have you gone out with a depressed woman?

    Found this out the hard way. At first we were having sex nightly. She hits a rough patch of personal stress and she starts to abuse the meds. Sex went down to maybe once every two weeks. Concerning the highs, she couldn't get excited or have joy in anything. Avoid women on meds like the...
  15. XFORCE

    everyone, if you had one peice of advice to pass on to someone about women...

    I went on a date and hobbies and passions came up. I had an endless list and all she could come up with was she likes playing with her dog, traveling (for work) and eating at restaurants. The end of this topic of conversation was punctuated with "you really make me feel like I'm boring." You...
  16. XFORCE

    everyone, if you had one peice of advice to pass on to someone about women...

    Amen, homie... Found this out the hard way.
  17. XFORCE


    ^^ EXACTLY ^^
  18. XFORCE

    What women really want - Word for Word from a Hot Cougar

    This is true until she gets used to it which leads to boredom. Once women get this expectedly and on a regular basis, they get complacent and take $h1t for granted. Yup
  19. XFORCE

    Stay married or get divorced....?

    This is the big mistake when stuff goes bad in a relationship. How long were you broken up for? You were in a damaged emotional state and I completely understand why you did it but breaking up does not necessitate exploring your options sexually with others. Fix what's wrong emotionally...