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    Have you had a similar experience with this type

    Doesnt matter what you meant, Its what she means by not wanting to meet up. She´d risk getting ****1ng ebola if she needed the d1ck bro. She´s playing hard to get and that is a dealbreaker
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    Have you had a similar experience with this type

    Yes, Hard next no questíons asked. Flakes w/o counter or playing hard to get doesnt deserve you time
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    I just realized

    Yes you are right in all the above, However I am unfortunatly sure you are wrong in the part about clogging the system https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries In just one week you have gone to have the most cases in the world, Bigger than china. Right now 2,4% need critical care the...
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    I just realized

    I understand your thinking, the only problem is that America has an abundance of people with other risk factors. High blood pressure, overwieght and obesity. Heart and vascular disorders Asthma etc. No country has so far had to take this into account and when your health care becomes overloaded...
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    I just realized

    Yeah, You have Italy to look at. Sorry but what you are saying is not correct since ALL capacity will be filled. Northern Italy has one of the best heltcare systems in the world but or foced to use Triage dude. Bucle of friends, You guys will see in a few weeks if they cant get quarantine to be...
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    How Serious Is This Disrespect?

    What the hell is wrong with you ****ing Simps?? Soulfordge has pretty much nailed the abc´s of handeling crazy plates. This is a forum for exchanging ideas and you ****ers are railing this guy for not doing it right? Nigga please, This is how you stand up to a spoiled ***** period. Now STFU...
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    70% of World Population Could Get Corona Virus

    Euro here, You guys are in for at Doosy. We are ahead of most of you and i can tell you this is not good. Most hospitals in my country are runnning out of supplies, Masks, Rubbing alcohol, testkits and ICU beds. They are not even testing people, so since 2 days ago we have no idea of numbers...
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    Different types of OLD women

    Ha ha ha ha,POW right in the kisser!
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    Different types of OLD women

    Dude, We´ve been trying to help you but you dont seem to grasp anything we are saying. There is nothing wrong with OLD its just you who dont know how to work it.
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    Should I be worried

    Prenup son, prenuptial agreement....IF you marry at all
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    The Never Ending Text Conversation

    I do both, Depends on the plate. You need to adjust for their personality but i never intitiate texting
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    So I bought the home gym. What workout regime to use?

    So you didnt get a homegym then. Once again, 5X5 squats, deads and bench . Dumbells will work fine. No go lift
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    So I bought the home gym. What workout regime to use?

    What kind of homegym? we need to know that in order to help. I always recomend any beginner to get a barbell and some weights. Thats all you need! Bench, squats and deadlift should be the focus and that will get you going.
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    New gf I feel like I can’t do enough

    Been there, Done that. This behavior will not change, you could bend over backwards and she will still demand more. NEXT!
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    Let's talk age differences

    Im 45. Have no problem pulling chicks in the late 20´s, some want relationships some dont. The ones that want LTR´s with me are almost always damaged and have daddy issues.
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    When she says she is busy and will call me later.

    Listen, a woman that is into you will talk to you regardless of her situation. Her clothes could be on fire and she´d still talk. If she said talk to you later let her call you. Do not call her under any circumstance
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    PE problem

    Could it be you dont give a ****? like if its an ogre you dont care and dont feel the need to last`?
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    Can't Deal with GFs kid

    Dude, Its not you kid so why care? Are you living together`?, If not GTFO when she has the kid and just see her when the kids at her dads place
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    Ex reached out after 6.5 weeks of no contact

    Thats how she will suck you back in to her crazy web, be warned! Do as you please but nothing good will come out of it, Trust me on this as i have lived it and i pretty much ****ed 5 yrs of my life up