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    Quiting caffeine

    I also thought about drinking a lot of coffee, used to drink three or four cups a day, now drink two, and hopefully soon drink coffee only on weekends. The whole thing is that it affects my condition, and without coffee, I get tired quickly because my body is already used to it.
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    Best ways to increase energy as we get older?

    Coffee has a very short effect, and you have to look deeper for the causes of fatigue. It depends on many factors: sleep, diet, your activity. Add sports, go for walks, watch how much you sleep. Put away your phone in the evening. It's very simple, but it works.
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    vegan protein

    Hi. I've been reading a lot of articles about protein, and opinions differ. It's better to get everything I need from food, but when I don't have time, I use protein in a vice. Found a vegan protein https://gym-expert.com/best-vegan-bcaa/, looks great, would be interesting to hear more opinions...
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    Water filters?

    We also had the same idea, m installed filters on the faucet itself, and the water comes from the source, where it is already purified. thanks to that we do not need additional filters in the coffee machine or kettle. This is great. Not cheap, but it saves money in the future.
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    Home workouts suck donkey balls!!!

    It depends on the person and on the situation. I like working out at the gym, too, but with the start of the quarantine, I had to work out at home. I can't say it was easy, but it wasn't bad. The main thing was not to lose my form during this period.
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    any good hard rock aggresive songs/playlist for workouts? please share

    I always turn on playlists on Spotify, there's a lot of good music. Rock, club music, whatever helps you when it gets too hard. There are workouts though when the music is just annoying.
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    How to deal with job disappointment?

    Everyone has had such periods in life, there's no need to get too upset. Think about what you do well, and then how to find a job that suits you. There are a lot of jobs online now, maybe you need to learn a new profession.
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    Ab work that’s easy on the lower back

    First, you need to strengthen your back and then train, otherwise, you will only hurt yourself. Back problems are not temporary, they can get worse in the future. You can train at the same time. I had the same problem.
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    Advice on Workout and HIIT

    Hello! I do isolation workouts, separately for abs, separately for arms and legs, as well as circuit training. First, you have to lose weight and then gain muscle. I really like the workout schedule above.
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    Best schedule to plan a workout

    It doesn't matter when you train, what matters is how you feel. I used to train at night because I was working long hours, now I train in the morning because I have enough time.
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    Supplements for best results in the gym

    Are you sure you need them? Consult your doctor to be sure you need vitamins or supplements. It can be protein, but you can also get everything you need from food if you make the right diet. I use multi-vitamins and protein sometimes.
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    Skin face

    More often than not, skin problems are caused by a lot of sugar, improper diet, or you don't drink enough water. If everything is fine, but it seems like it could be better, watch your health. Skin is a reflection of internal problems.
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    how to remember things

    Nothing works, if I don't write down what I have to do or don't forget, I'll forget it. The Memory Palace works just as well, but it's difficult, I haven't been able to learn this technique yet.
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    3 day tuna diet

    The whole downside of the diet is that you will lose water and muscle, not fat. And afterward, you will gain weight because it is stressful for the body. You need discipline, a calorie deficit, and exercise. Then the results will be long-lasting.
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    Supplement advice

    Hello! This kind of change is wonderful, you don't have to be so surprised. Most likely the body lacked vitamins, especially considering that it is winter. Congratulations!
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    Protein powder

    I use vegan protein. At least, that's what it says on it. I usually try to get enough protein with my meals, but if I don't have time, I make a protein shake. I also like to make baked goods with protein, which are delicious.
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    Stress and jobs

    Even a job you love can be stressful and irritating. I try to maintain a balance between work and life, but I don't always succeed. At least now I don't take work on weekends. Don't forget about yourself, you need a rest.
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    How to deal with getting old?

    I've been thinking about this recently, and I realized that the most important thing is self-discipline, to take care of your health, to train, to develop. Then you won't be afraid of time either. May Musk said that she is not afraid of her age and that she is more productive than ever...
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    Nothing quite like a great workout

    You very accurately described how it felt during the workout and afterward. I read that during the workout you need to focus on what you are doing, feel your body, then you will benefit more from this workout.
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    Weight Lost

    Hi! Your weight is water, muscle, and fat. To lose weight you eat on a calorie deficit, but you also can't forget about working out. See if your calorie deficit is correct.