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  1. Desdinova

    I want to be a father one day...

    This is what I would do... Get yourself a vasectomy. Yes, you heard that 5hit right. However, before you do that, put a bunch of your sperm into a sperm bank. When you DO get involved with a woman, you can spend a few years with her and decide whether you want to have a kid with her or not...
  2. Desdinova

    Sugar Dating on Rise

    A while ago, I posted this. Women are no longer getting the attention they're used to, so they've started paying for it.
  3. Desdinova

    The high score theory

    Whatever works for a 30 year old woman will work on a 20 year old woman. All women's brains are wired the same. If you interact with enough people, you should be able to come across a female who's young and legal. They're going to be friends of friends, daughters, workers, etc. Just get out...
  4. Desdinova

    The high score theory

    Yes, it's valid. My GF has a friend who was with a guy for 7 years. She kicked him to the curb and then briefly but obsessively hooked up with a guy she went to school with; a guy she never fvcked before. She spent the next year and a half mourning his disinterest.
  5. Desdinova

    The high score theory

    I would believe that the chick in question has other issues. I went on three dates with a woman I wasn't very interested in. Never even fvcked her. She stalked me for about a year. She had two ex-husbands. She called me at one point when I was avoiding her calls and told me that one of them was...
  6. Desdinova

    The high score theory

    It doesn't matter who ended the relationship. Remember that women live in the moment of their emotions. Her entire family was pressuring her to ditch me. A new guy generally can't trump someone else's previous high score. If I entered into her life again, there's a good chance I could make...
  7. Desdinova

    Merry Christmas!

    Yeah, we're getting fines here in Manitoba too. It's currently illegal to buy a fvcking birthday card.
  8. Desdinova

    Sexual tension between new partner and her friend

    Well... She has a male flatmate. That's enough reason for sexual tension right there. Make sure you're fvcking at least two other women to keep your own mind occupied.
  9. Desdinova

    Period trackers

    It's useful to know when a woman is on her period. It can explain her behavior, you'll know if you can't fvck her that week, etc. Not sure about tracking multiple periods unless you use multiple apps.
  10. Desdinova

    girl went into my phone- got upset, now gone quiet

    Yeah, because after three months of dating, you're already married and 5hit. How's her orbiter situation? Why was she looking at your 5hit? Is this something she does for every guy she's with? Is she extremely controlling? I would guess the answer is "yes". Oh well. Time to find another...
  11. Desdinova

    What is the point of Marriage in 2020?

    Man, fvck that ****. I'm essentially cheating on my hand by having sex with my GF. A woman can do a pretty good job at pleasing you. You're going to do the best job pleasing yourself because no woman is a mind reader.
  12. Desdinova

    The high score theory

    She hasn't changed her password in 8 years
  13. Desdinova

    Back on the prowl after 14 month monogamy. Seeking the missing keys

    Feel free to post your experiences and allow us to critique the things you've done. There's never anything wrong with trying to improve your skills.
  14. Desdinova

    I bought a car and she's pissed

    A multitude of interactions like this might work in his favor: Him: I took a break from fixing my car to see if you'd want to go for a fun walk in the park and then maybe have some fun afterwards (kissing her on the back of the neck) Her: I'm not in the mood Him: Okay, I'll go back and rebuild...
  15. Desdinova

    Friend-Zoned by my wife (Personal experience)

    You know what I would say? Fvck that 5hit. Let her deal with her own fvcking citizenship. After all, she said this: Give her that fvcking alone time. Yes, it's going to be 5hitty, so make her swallow her own 5hit. She doesn't want you for sex or companionship. She wasted 7-8 years of your life...
  16. Desdinova

    The high score theory

    In that "High Score Theory" post, I wrote about an ex who was still doing fairly regular searches for me on Facebook. For the hell of it, I decided to log in and see if she's still thinking about me. It's been 8 years since we broke up and she's currently in a LTR. The last time she did a search...
  17. Desdinova

    The high score theory

    Isn't it fvcking crazy? When I came up with that theory, I kept trying to tell myself that this 5hit doesn't happen, but then I'd see it happen again and again. I still have women from high school who make sure they remain in contact. I still see women hooked on men from high school that they...
  18. Desdinova

    What is the point of Marriage in 2020?

    I don't see it being as something a man should nor want to do. However, I think it's something that a woman actually needs to ensure her security. However, a damaged piece of trash woman is incapable of living up to her end of the bargain. The only woman who has the potential of living up to the...
  19. Desdinova

    Since when did it become cool to sleep with another man's woman?

    I've done it. It had nothing to do with self-respect. If the bytch isn't cheating with you, then she'll do it with someone else. The common denominator in this case is the woman.
  20. Desdinova

    Things got ugly... Really Ugly....

    That should have been the moment that the relationship was over. I dumped a woman for just doing it playfully. I gave her a warning to never do it again. Guess what? She did it a second time. If I'm not socially allowed to hit a woman, then I expect the same respect from the woman. She will do...