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  1. Jor-El

    Find Your SMV

    Surely the £££$$$ angle leads to inaccuracy.Sure,you may earn thousands,but what if your expenditure/debt is also thousands ? You can earn loads and still be poor
  2. Jor-El

    a very "oneitis" question, but I gotta ask it anyways

    Iv got a massive sex drive...my girlfriend lives 300 miles away
  3. Jor-El

    Male Friends

    This topic has raised some great posts and answers
  4. Jor-El

    Male Friends

    I always like this saying "If you put her on a pedestal,she has no option but to look down on you" Its true
  5. Jor-El

    Experiences with Hair Transplants?

    It takes 34 months to start seeing some results,and about a year or so for full results,Iv had 3 HT so a few thousand grafts,im no to sure to be honest,maybe about 5000/6000 ish but its a decent result
  6. Jor-El

    Pregnant Porn

    Its not my bag but I dont think pregnant porn is any better/worse than some of the other porn genres...some really make your stomach turn!
  7. Jor-El

    Feminization of Society and Continued Subtle Brainwashing of Masculinity

    Interesting points.....and remember,if the guy gets to have sex,he`s the one that "got lucky"
  8. Jor-El

    Experiences with Hair Transplants?

    That is not correct. Well.Partially.It depends which method of HT you have FUT or FUE. FUT leaves a scar yes,but for the most part its hidden by your hair anyway (you just gotta have it a fraction longer than total shave) FUE leaves no scar at all,and,unless you go upto your hair with a...
  9. Jor-El

    Ex GF Will Not Go Away

    You cant help someone get over you..its impossible.IMO they will only get over you if you are out of the picture,otherwise,its just a running sore.If you are the issue,(to them) by definition someone else needs to help them,you cant be the cause AND the solution
  10. Jor-El

    This Corey Wayne guy

    Not sure about your comments re single mums. Relationships fail,its a fact,does that mean the single mum should just say"well,thats it for me" and give up on dating...same single dads ? What if their partner died,and the failure of the relationship wasnt even their "fault" ? I get that you will...
  11. Jor-El

    High Conflict People

    Great post. Iv experienced exactly this.
  12. Jor-El

    Work on yourself

    Great post,and go for it with the HT,best thing ul do,along with your other stuff. Speaking from experience!
  13. Jor-El

    "Women see men as circus clowns"

    Aha..ok mate,cheers
  14. Jor-El

    "Women see men as circus clowns"

    Maybe im late to the party,but what did happen to him ?
  15. Jor-El

    What women want in you

    Thats not strictly true,some want their ironing done as well
  16. Jor-El

    Books that changed how you socially interact?

    Only read models of these,but yes,good read.The best books make you think (which is always a good thing) wether you agree with their premise or not
  17. Jor-El

    Your body/physique matters and what you can/should do about it

    Interesting thread and some good points.No downside to being in shape.And as for the "Dad Bod" yep,the lay-deez love it.Till you argue,then your a fat c*nt
  18. Jor-El

    Just turned 30. Look like a 25 year old.

    You would be able to tell the older women by looking at the fatter arses :lol:
  19. Jor-El

    Experiences with Hair Transplants?

    Well best of luck and hope it works for you! But,I would set your expectations low..many people start these oils ands expect results akin to a hair transplant..not saying you are doing that..just sayin`
  20. Jor-El

    Experiences with Hair Transplants?

    Quite a feat to train your forehead to be bold...must be reading self help books,but,good stuff ;):lol: