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    Mystery was ahead of his time with that mask :rofl::rofl::rofl: The irony. As far as The Game goes, it was a fun read for me. Those guys were a bunch of lunatics it sounds like.
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    Men, Divorce Her!

    Or someone "On her level" :rolleyes:, which is magically higher now that he paid for her unnecessary degree. Thank god for Kevin Samuels, he exposes so much BS and he does have a lot of women watching, which is good for us all. He's a big 'ol pimp.
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    Men, Divorce Her!

    Similar here. Not quite so bad, but they did divorce when I was 25. Mom would have probably remarried if she were younger and dad would have had time to rebuild his finances if they had done it sooner.
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    Men, Divorce Her!

    I have never been married, but I'm at that age (39) where my social circle has been flooded with divorces for more than five years now. All three of my closest friends have gone through nasty divorces. All three of these men were close to suicidal, and I’ve spent hundreds of hours on the phone...
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    Cialis dosage

    This 100mg s**t has got to stop. 100mg of Cialis (Tadalafil) is NOT a thing. That is Viagra (Sildenafil). Two completely different drugs. 20mg is a full-strength dose of Cialis. In some cases a doctor may give you more, but that is an extreme case. Do not mix up the dosages of these two...
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    The Danger Of Random Hook Ups During Covid?

    I’m not arguing that pandemics don’t suck or that we don’t have one. We have one, and it’s not optional, never has been. People who are worried for themselves shouldn’t leave their house, ever. That’s the price you have to pay. The fear some people with near zero risk have is disappointing. And...
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    The Danger Of Random Hook Ups During Covid?

    No, I said this.
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    Dating as a single dad is it even possible.

    I think he's right that, a vasectomy would probably rule you out for an LTR with the vast majority of 20-somethings with no kids. You could meet a 27yo five plus years from now and that would be a big problem for her most likely. You want to be able to give her one. I would add that fighting...
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    The Danger Of Random Hook Ups During Covid?

    It’s worth mentioning that there are “reports” of literally every theoretically possible scary situation with regards to COVID. Millions and millions of people have had it. Even when they’re true the numbers of them are usually so low as to be meaningless. Media is in the business of scaring you...
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    Affects of adrenaline on sexual arousal

    I heard or read somewhere a long time ago that women need to feel something. If it’s not something good, then something bad will do. Explains a lot of them sticking around with psycho or excessively aggressive men.
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    The Danger Of Random Hook Ups During Covid?

    This is one of the only things about COVID that I’m totally convinced of. Been hearing it for 6+ months. Vitamins are cheap.
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    Zero personal social media presence.

    Over the last 3-4 years I've dumped my SM accounts. Once politics took over Facebook and everyone started acting like a**holes I quit (deleted all my friends, pics, posts, info) because the environment sucked, and I got drawn into that BS too. Plus I was spending too much time there, checking...
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    Male Friends

    I'm telling ya man, when you see her texting/talking to one of them You: Who's that? Her: It's just Dave You: Oh, bachelor number two! He's so nice! I love Dave Her: (whatever) You: You're right, maybe Tom should be number two and Dave should be Bachelor number one. Who's number three, Steve...
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    Cialis dosage

    Once when I was younger I knew a guy who was 26 and a stripper. Dude was a serious pimp. Used to go over his house (trailer lol) and he'd have a half-dozen 18 year old 9's hanging around. He told me (20 yrs ago) to pop 1/4 of a Viagra to blow a girls mind the first time. I've taken 1/8ths of...
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    Do women care what car we drive?

    Wow! And this one too :oops: Trying real hard not to go down a YT rabbithole on these videos
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    Author claims that the roots of the Incel meme is PUA

    The article summed up: "2 psychopaths killed a bunch of people, therefore men are trash, it's all Mystery's fault!" They seriously take a single solitary nutcase and brand the entire RP as murderers. That was a painful read, and why I never could read Medium. I'm sure it's out there somewhere...
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    Male Friends

    Since you don't really want to drop her like everyone has said, try this instead and report back. A friend of mine did this to his GF who was a "crew girl" surrounded by orbiters. Got the orbiters to fade away. Start branding these men casually and humorously as "Bachelor number (1, 2, 3...
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    I want to smell good what are some good colognes

    Haaahaha, I was just watching Kevin Samuels and he recommended YSL La Nuit de L'Homme He said it's "Masculine" and "dope!"
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    article: Jobless, Selling Nudes Online and Still Struggling

    Like this freak hoe playing fetch like fido :p https://www.allforfunlife.com/woman-quits-job-to-earn-six-figures-a-month-acting-as-a-dog/