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    Failure is Golden!

    The National Football League does a horrible job of grading and evaluating college quarterbacks. Each year there’s some crop of talented young, highly touted QBs who are supposed to be the next Marino, Elway, Favre, Montana, etc. They are graded on arm strength, mechanics, decision-making...
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    The Choice Between Being and Becoming: Motivation for the Skinny Guys

    A huge part of maintaining a healthy marriage is staying physically attractive to your mate. Which is why I’m in the process of bulking up to a nice, lean 5’9” 185 lbs. Right now I’m in my bulking phase, going from 170 to 180 pounds since the beginning of this month. The problem?......Most of...
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    Your Favorite CD

    If your house was burning, and you could save only one CD from your collection, which one would it be? Myself? Songs In The Key of Life - Stevie Wonder, 1976. That album is practically the soundtrack to my life. Which CD would you save?
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    The Real Reason You Are Here

    You are not here for sex. No one here is. I'm convinced of that. You may think you're here to find out how to fvck more chicks but you're really not. If all you wanted was simply sex, you would not have seeked this site out. Sex from beautiful women is actually quite easy to acquire. There's...
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    Boot Camp for The Mature Man

    For those in the Mature Man forum who are over 25 and want to go through the Don Juan Boot Camp and share Boot Camp experiences with your fellow "old farts", click the following link: http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=59244 Its never too late to make a better life for...
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    Boot Camp for The Mature Man

    This thread is designed for guys age 25 and older who frequent the Mature Man forum to post their Boot Camp related field reports. Each post should have the following format: 1) date and time of field experience 2) Boot Camp Level (ex. Week 1, Week 2, etc.) 3) Summary of what...
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    Mature Forum Town Hall Meeting

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I called this meeting for a few reasons. First of all, thanks to all of you for making the first four months of the Mature Man Forum a runaway hit. As one of the most tenured posters here, I truly appreciate consistent quality dialouge produced on this forum. Its almost...
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    The "Grown Folks" Forum is Back!

    Ok men, I campaigned hard for this forum so let's not screw this up. Now I'm not gonna sticky any "ground rules" or "Mature Man's DJ Bible" or any crap like that. As older men and as veteran posters we should be above and beyond that. All I ask is that you support the forum, stay on topic, and...
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    Don't Use Scales!

    Here's an assignment for you: Walk up to that HB9.8426 in your class (or at your job) that you've been stalking and creeping out for the last three months and try to start a conversation. You'll probably stop midway out of sheer fear. And that's ok; she's a lost cause anyway. The point is...
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    "Where would you rather be right now?"

    Even though I'm engaged, I sometimes like to cold approach to keep my skills up. All harmless convo, nothing more. And while preconceived lines generally don't work, I admit that there is one canned opening line that I sometimes use when I want to start a convo with a girl. "Where would...
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    Have Faith!: A Rare Rant from Survivor

    I thought I was above ranting, however.... I won’t say what post I just finished reading, but lets just say that one of persons who responded to it said something that pissed me off… royally. :mad: Yeah I know its considered “AFC” to let some internet character get you angry but I think...
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    The REAL Reason For Waiting Four Days To Call

    The following tip is nothing new or groundbreaking. However, there are some "DJ" basics that I think need to be reiterated. Recovering "AFC"s should never call a girl in less than four days. Period. Old School. Set In Stone. No Exceptions.....not yet anyway. Anti-Dump made this rule an...
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    The "One" DOES Exist!

    Over the years, I’ve seen much written on this forum about the elusive “One”. Some have even claimed that the “One” does not even exist, that it’s a figment of our so-called "AFC" imaginations. While such claims are well intended, they are not completely true if viewed from a slightly different...
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    I see now that the list thing was a bad idea. I'm not continuing it. Its a sign that I've been here way too long. I need to retire. I've learned that true greatness is achieved outside of the site. I went from die hard AFC to successful LTR Don and thank everyone for that. Not that I don't...
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    Who's "Old School"?

    Allen, as you may know I'm putting together a top ten and I have a question... I would like to recognize the top "old school" literary DJs who laid the foundation for the concepts we now apply. But qualifies a DJ as "old school". I think its someone who was registered before you switched to...
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    Women Are Good People

    In a July 5, 2001 post, "The Relationship Begins Before You Meet Her" I stated that Looks, Money and Power, or Front, as Mr. Silk calls it, attracts women. Confidence, Control, and Challenge, also called Clout, keeps women after a man has attracted them. A disturbing number of guys, IDJ in...
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    The Relationship Begins Before You Meet Her

    Tomorrow you are going to wake up with a wonderful idea. You will race out of bed, turn on your computer, and begin authoring an important document. It will be a detailed description of Mrs. Don Juan, the woman you will eventually marry, but have yet to meet. Using your imagination, you will...
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    Forget About The Girls In Your Past

    About a month ago, a female friend of almost 20 years and I decided to become more than friends...It took only less than 2 weeks before she stopped returning my calls. Now I'd expect that from a girl I just met, but this hurts more because this was someone I've known and loved as a friend for...
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    Why Self-Respect Is Crucial To Your Becoming a Don Juan

    How many of you DJs study this web site? I mean REALLY study it? As in, using the “search” option and researching the archives when you need advice? Well, I have...and I’ve noticed something. There are plenty of redundant posts concerning Confidence and Technique. However, not too many folks...
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    Heartbreak Survivor, Episode I, Part 1: The Return of the User

    "THE ADVENTURES OF THE HEARTBREAK SURVIVOR" EPISODE I, PART I: "THE RETURN OF THE USER" Greetings, fellow DJs. I am the Heartbreak Survivor. And yes, I too have low self confidence. For years I have consistently broken my own heart, supplicating to beautiful females whose interests were never...