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  1. evan12

    How would dating be in a completely feminized society?

    Not sure that will be a case, unless she is looking for the top 10%
  2. evan12

    Feel sorry for the simps/betas/blue pilled dudes on LoveShack.org...

    why do you feel sorry about them , what is exactly the issue on that website ? humiliated terms for men ?
  3. evan12

    The "You will die as a lonely, sad, old man!" argument.

    in the past your sons would take care of you, these days married or not married your best bet to have enough money otherwise you will end up in seniors house
  4. evan12

    the dating market is awful for women................

    Most likely you are somehow good looking , if just because you are bold risk taker will get you a girl, I knew men who did this for years and didn't get any results. When we are attractive we think it is all about taking actions and that is it.
  5. evan12

    Recent observations on Confidence.

    No, I am saying faking confidence could get results with women , simply because women look at the final results , they will say that man is confidant , but they dont analyze from where it came .
  6. evan12

    Blackpill has shut down RSD/PUA. Is this true?

    PUA was not directed to successful and handsome men , it was for average man who can learn to be more social and project more value, it also encouraged self improvement and the concept of never give up. What went wrong with PUA community ? 1- Some false adverting that made it look bad. 2-...
  7. evan12

    Recent observations on Confidence.

    Dont be so sure, women all what care about outside , if you look outside as confident you will score more with women regardless of if you are faking it or not, simply because women find it hard to fake such things so they assume everyone is like that.
  8. evan12

    Female sexuality in overdrive now that we're reopening

    No different in my area, I see women wearing shorts , provoking clothes, but that happen every year when the weather get hot, actually I see female cashier females too hostile lately and make me choose the lines when cashiers are male since they act more professionally. For the waitress , it...
  9. evan12

    The Gambino - Journal to reaching higher SMV (daily post)

    I did low carb diet before COVID 19 , now I am back to normal to keep my immune system strong , once the epidemic end, I ll resume my low carb diet, but even with that my losing weight speed wasn't that fast
  10. evan12

    The Gambino - Journal to reaching higher SMV (daily post)

    From what I read you have all what need the only improvement I see is loosing your weight, which is your focus already. I am also trying to loose weight , but for some reason no success , it could be hormonal thing .
  11. evan12

    The Gambino - Journal to reaching higher SMV (daily post)

    Good improvement, can you share how old are you ? your look from 1-10 , what kind of business you have ? ( I guess restaurant )
  12. evan12

    My GF goes to visit her female friend in a time we wanted to vacation together

    Here are some reasons : 1- she is not taking you serious enought to introduce you to her friends 2- She is planning to have some side siix so she dont want you to be there. 3- maybe she will ask for a breakup if she find a better deal than you. What should you do ? Prepare for breakup ...
  13. evan12

    Do you think going to a school with a very high female-to-male ratio is a good move for an incel-tier man?

    Correct, however do not under estimate the value of physical proximity that student enjoy when doing groups. some girls change their mind and start "liking" the someone who dont even look at him if he was online.
  14. evan12

    Abundance - only with Women?

    Having male friends can be very helpful to the single man, first you are no longer the loner , second they provide good companionship that make you happy and not desperate. For me finding a male friends is very hard, as you need to find people on your same level financially (if you are post...
  15. evan12

    I just left my family

    If you are heading to divorce never leave your matrimonial home for two reasons : 1- You will be considered a negligent father who left the family 2- The court will give her the home since you are already living in another place. Disclaimer : Not a lawyer just my general knowledge .
  16. evan12

    For those who deny the importance of Looks

    He didnt get crazy, but he could no longer play the role of "player" or pickup artist, and he got tired of pretending , now he got older, he is looking for something more meaningful and more in line with his currently situation .
  17. evan12

    should i say im looking for sex or for relationship?

    Unless you are really handsome more model like , dont say you are only for sex as you will come as eager. always say I am evenatually looking for relationship , but I am not in rush for that , prefer casual dating for now .
  18. evan12

    Why are our moms doing this?!?

    But how come dads usually have a good advice even for their 30 year daughters ? Most fathers can give good adivse to their daughters of how to be the woman that men want although many daughters dont want the advise.
  19. evan12

    Why are our moms doing this?!?

    Because women give advise as if the girl is already attracted to you, so once you assume that all their advise especially for a healthy woman who respect herself and her man become true. However most men struggle in per-attraction stage, if you were handsome man or someone who was already loved...
  20. evan12

    What is the Game like nowadays?

    True, however you are still on the hard mode, since building a really sexy body require dedication, most who can achieve it spend a big chuck on their time in the gym that not everyone can afford it sacrifice.