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    Women... cant judge em by what they say. Only what they do .. lol

    Yup.... it was... i didnt chase either.. did that far too much with my wife of 25yrs b4 we split. From now on if its too hard or complicated.. its not worth my effort. My new lady makes it so easy... is full of gratitude and i dont hardly do fuk all compared to the suplication i did to try and...
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    Nofap is Bullsh*t

    Im with OP ........ lol .... but whatever to each their own.
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    Women... cant judge em by what they say. Only what they do .. lol

    Thanks! Things are turning around these days for me for the better..... everything has been more than I coulda hoped for. Will see how things pan out with this highschool crush that has come back into my life since i split with my other highschool sweetheart. Time will tell... so far so good... :)
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    Women... cant judge em by what they say. Only what they do .. lol

    That ones long gone man...... onto better now... far better..... :)
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    Calling a girl out on her BS?

    There ya go!.... fkn have at er! ... ^^^^
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    Calling a girl out on her BS?

    Feela bad for ghosting you? .. no she doesnt. Chad dumped her the other day so she figured your good enough for now....
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    Dating a neighbor help!!

    Your worried you wont get more sex if you commit? If she was truely interested it has nothing to do with commitment .. she would be interested regardless...... your already not getting the sex you want.. your being drip fed... crumbs.. strung along... i dont see the issue... you are likely one...
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    Women... cant judge em by what they say. Only what they do .. lol

    Hey man... keep your chin up and expectations low... shyt happens for a reason and always when you least expect it. Stop tryin so hard and let life come to you while you seek out your own goals aspirations... i know when i was trying too hard it felt the world and universe were against me the...
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    Women... cant judge em by what they say. Only what they do .. lol

    Thanks! Finding her in PoF is what happened... i was gunna delete all the OLD apps and had left PoF on just cuz after closing all my app accounts and dumping my previous plate permanently... i was just focused on myself and excercising... and then i was like oh yeah i still have PoF to...
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    Women... cant judge em by what they say. Only what they do .. lol

    Haha yeah it was.... i am with a totally new lady now for last 5 months.. she cooks.. cleans.. fvcks ... enjoys hunting.. loves fishin .. enjoys pc/console gaming and working out... and was my other highschool crush from the same year i met my ex wife(btw im 42 now shes 43 and we met in grade 10...
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    Chick asked for a gang bang!?!?

    Sloppy 23rds anyone?.... >.<
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    How long are you willing to wait...

    There is no "how many dates til sex" ... if you like her and enjoy her company then let it be as it is and dont pressure.... if your goal is to just get laid, maybe she's not for you... theres more to life than just fukin..... have fun along the way too.
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    Would You Next Her Or Keep Her Around?

    You should totally put a ring on this one.... shes a keeper! *rolls eyes*
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    I find myself in a situation (MARRIED!)

    Grow up.... be the captain... listen to her concerns. React in a calm manner and address it accordingly. Ignorong her and blocking her is highschool drama BS .... good luck man.
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    Tinder question

    Who cares... next.... no one REALLY knows why but her... we are not mind readers here. We can speculate... but really... your princess is in another castle.
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    Critique my date...

    @BeExcellent spot on.... very good advice. You sound like a catch yourself. I actually like it when you chime in on some of these threads.. smart lady. :)
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    Since when did it become cool to sleep with another man's woman?

    Im loyal af.... no way id ever do that..i have a conscious and need to sleep at night... there is no excuse... the whole "that part of the brain doesnt develop til your older so i did it when i was younger" is just a cop out rationalization hamster excuse to make yourself feel better. We all...
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    She keeps mentioning the word friendship.

    The way she messages in her card sounds like a female in the military scam... honestly.. of you have never met her id maybe keep messaging her but keep your eyes peeled for someone more local. *shrugs*