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    Capoeira! :)

    Hey guys, I started doing capoeira about a month ago, and I gotta tell you, I feel like an AXE! :) Better fitness, MUCH stronger, leaner, more toned, more flexible, more stamina, endurance, etc. Plus its so much fun (and a great way to meet hot, fit brazilian girls ;)) Seriously...
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    LR: Wait...WHAT?!

    Hey guys, I got a funny little LR for you guys today. Over the weekend, I went to Sydney to attend a friend's 22nd birthday party. I've known this guy through another friend who is now housemates with the birthday boy, the host of the party. I was on point the whole afternoon, chatting...
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    Linux and Open Source software

    Okay, hardcore nerd chat coming up. I just dual-booted with Ubuntu Feisty (latest distro of ubuntu linux). Anyone else tried it? Is everyone here still suckling at the diseased Microsoft teat? ;) Something as important as an operating system should be free. I believe in open source, and I...
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    The Pseudo-man

    There is something bugging me, my brothers. It tears at the corners of my perceptions and beliefs. Tugging me back as I try to pull away. How easy and beautifully serene it would be to give in. How easy and carefree would my days be then. After all, how could all I am being told and shown...
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    Female orgasm stories! Post your weirdest/coolest/sexiest

    hey guys, today I'm putting the call out for your weirdest/coolest/funniest/sexiest etc. stories about girls coming with you. I think this is gonna be some funny a$$ sh!t! :)
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    FR+: I love cougars... ;)

    LR: I love cougars... ;) Hey Guys, This one is kinda nice. I like it when crap lines up like this ;) Background HBCougar is an older grad student chick. She's 30, I'm 20. But....for a dumbass reason I'll explain later, she thinks I'm 24 (yeah yeah, i know i phucked up, but cant take it...
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    FR : Pretty textbook (sic) stuff :)

    Hey guys, My sticking point seems to be neediness during the process up until the lay (see my ongoing DR with HB21st), and I really gotta get this sorted out. Hence, I tend to react not quite what I should be doing (ie spinning plates). So I busted out a couple of days ago, and decide that I...
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    Decipher this for me! :)

    Hi Guys, anyway, those of you who read http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=122156 will remember HB21st. Anyway, we had a couple of good dates (that went really well, plenty of kino and touching, kissing and hugging, etc.) Tonight she was supposed to come over and watch movies. She...
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    DR: Coffee, venue change, DHV and kino

    hey guys, haven't posted a DR for a while, so im looking for comments, suggestions, etc. okay, so I met HB21st at my mate's 21st last friday. She was a little tipsy, so I didnt wanna try isolation there, but she was into me, touching me and rubbing my chest, etc. So we had coffee...
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    Geek Chicks!

    Hey guys, is it just me, or is the hot but kinda geeky girl just so much hotter BECAUSE she is a geek? I mean, I'm a bit of a nerd (software engineer, so it comes with the territory) but I LOVE geeky girls. Especially when you don't know that they are a geek to begin with, but then find it...
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    Great tip for overcoming low confidence - Market Value!

    Hey guys, I know we all have our moments when our confidence isnt quite what we're used to. Maybe we got blown off a little more often lately or something else isnt quite right in our lives. I'd like to share with you a little tip which has always helped me. I'm an analytical, scientific...
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    FR : Lecture sarging

    Hey guys, So, back story. I just broke up with my gf, and had that wonderful feeling of relief and freedom which you have when you put a relationship to rest that needs to be done. The air smelled sweeter, the grass looker greener and the girls....dude, they were just all around hotter! :)...
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    Looking for an EXEMPLARY wife? Go Med!

    Mediterranean, that is :) I dont know if there are any 'wogs', greeks, italians, mediterranean arabs (syrians, lebanese, etc.) on these boards to tell you, but let me clue you in on a little something (of which I am sure a majority of you are probably already aware): MEDITERRANEAN WOMEN...
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    A plea

    Hi guys, I am writing this as a plea to my fellow brothers in arms out there. We all lead very different and unique lives, but we are united by the beliefs and experiences that we share with each other. I just told my gf of 15 months that i wasnt sure that I am in love with her anymore...
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    HOT TIP: Gauging receptivity using leading kino

    hey guys. A post in DJ Discussion got me thinking about this, and I've been doing this for a while without even thinking about it, and its always worked well. Okay, tip profile: Tip type : Gauging IL Seduction Phase : Use this tip at the club, a party, or any other kind of venue where...
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    FR: egras eht nO

    holy sh*t he's right! I would have NEVER worked that out! :D
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    Average no. of Dates to f*ck close

    hey guys. okay, been meaning to ask this for a while: in your experience and/or knowledge, what is the average number of dates (average in every sense: average girl, average guy, average IL, etc.) before a f*ck close? Here, date means any time spent together after the initial meeting...
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    FR: too easy?

    hey guys. some of you might remember the DR I posted a couple of days ago (http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=89361) about my first date with HBGeek. Now, I don't think that I have EVER during a date gotten more buying signals, so I knew it was on. I meet her out at...
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    convo game + venue change

    hey guys. okay, today I'll be discussing two tips used to make sure that the convo goes smoothly. Use them in order, and your convos will never go stale again! EDIT: due to The_Shezzler's post about tips, the following info is added: Pickup Phase : A date, or at least a second meeting...
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    DR: A good DR? Its true!

    hey guys. Guys, i'm pumped! I'm just excited. Its a great feeling knowing that I pulled off something that a lot of guys would be scared about, and knowing that I nailed it! :) anyway, had a coffee date with HBGeek (original sarge and number close here...