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  1. J

    Your Experience Drinking Before Cold Approaching

    I've been struggling a lot with cold approaching sober, and so far the best I've done during the daytime is saying "hi, how's it going" to a few random hot girls. Today I walked by these two girls sitting in the grass talking (one was a 10 for sure), and I walked past them 4 times but never...
  2. J

    Getting Over Approach Anxiety

    I've had bad social anxiety when it comes to talking with strangers my entire life. I don't have any anxiety around people I already know. I want to get over approach anxiety for good, and get to the point where I'm actually doing proper cold approaches, but I'm not sure about the best way to do...
  3. J

    Cold approach tips

    Earlier this week I was super depressed about life so I realized I need to change something. I have very little experience with women and I'm pretty insecure about it. Anyway, I started just saying "hi" to girls just walking around outside and they would say "Hi" back and I realized I could do...
  4. J

    Looking for some life advice

    I'm in a rough spot...23 with a degree in math but still living with parents. I'm currently working on an online Master's Degree that I'm supposed to complete in a year and a half, but with the way the economy is going to hell, I wonder if that degree will even be worth it. It took me an...