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    Why is everything a game?

    You read messages after messages about gaming this or gaming that...... as men we shouldnt be playing any games. Thats what women do.... stop playing games and just be in the moment, whatever moment that happens to be. Games are childish... we are men. Well most of us are. *rolls eyes*
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    What I have noticed...

    Is that ever since i have broken up with my ex of 25yrs... dated a buncha women... found a decent one that i used to have a crush on in high school (likely a 7.5 or 8) who hunts, fishes, cooks, cleans, works, and loves to fvck.... i used to be so insecure with my wife .... and now... i couldn't...
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    Whats it mean if...

    she raises an eye brow.. wiggles her toes... picks her nose ... sticks out her tongue.. flashes her boobs ... scratches her ass... flips her hair and then winks at you all at the same time? How should i respond? Seriously though.. some of the things people post on here is getting ridiculous and...
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    Women... cant judge em by what they say. Only what they do .. lol

    So... last Thursday I went on a date with a HB7.5 aprox.. shes my age... we bantered back and forth for a week cuz we both been busy.. and played 20 questions and a few phone calls up until our date.. We agreed to get together over dinner ..... and we had good time... some laughs.. some...
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    So... here I am.. wondering wtf.

    So... its been a while...and over past few years my marriage went to ****.. nothing i could do was good enough.... wife entered early menopause several years ago (early perimenopause) and shes 40 now bleeding 2x a month and pms inbetween for last 9 months+ 0 interest and I hung on too long...
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    Came back for a visit... hows it going? Fukin merry Grinchmas! Lol...
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    Who is on your Jury?

    Interesting question.... For me it used to be everyone. Always worried about what others thought of me growing up. Always people pleasing. But now adays that's changed. I only allow my wife, and a few select to be on my jury. Its taken quite a while to let go of everyone elses opinion of me...
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    Can men and women just be friends?

    I don't think so.... At least not from a guys perspective. Vid 1 http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=T_lh5fR4DMA Vid 2 http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FYQmqxQgEBY What's your take on the matter?
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    What's going on with crude oil?

    You guys watching the stock market? What's going on with crude oil? Why is it diving? I thought the world was running out of oil and cost would just continue to climb as sources ran out. 60$ a barrel today. www.finviz.com Epi
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    Ebola just popped up in texas.

    Scary stuff... Ebola was just reported in texas. http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2014/09/30/cdc-confirms-first-case-of-ebola-in-the-u-s/ Hopefully they get a vaccine going before it spreads too far. Epi
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    Podcast: Art of charm featuring Athol Kay(MMSL)

    So.. I have been checking out married man sex life... and man.. There is some good shyt over there. If your in an LTR or marriage there is a lot of stuff there that helps with KEEPING your woman and maintaining that baseline attraction. A balance of alpha traits coupled with (at the appropriate...
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    Had to put my family cat down

    Wow... You know. I thought it was going to be easier than I anticipated. We had our ragdoll siamese cat for 8 years. Best cat ever. Almost like he was an old soul and understood you when you spoke to him like a human. Always there when things were ****ty. He was no ordinary cat. He was almost...
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    video: Jenna Marbles "girls that I hate"

    Ok... This video is spot on. Every woman should see it and take Jennas advice. Its gold. The entire time watching I was like fvck ya and so was my wife. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ7wT4CUprQ Enjoy! She has some pretty good vids in her channel but this one fit the bill for sosuave. Epi
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    let's talk stocks!

    Ok, I'm sure several of you guys are into stocks and swing trading. I myself am fairly good at reading charts using the following indicators MACD, RSI, and MOVING AVERAGES. What stocks are you in? What strategies do you use? I am currently in FMCC @ 2.75 per share not a ton but enough I...
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    HB 1-10 ?? what's your idea of each?

    Its funny how everyone talks about their women they persue as HB 1-10. There should be some sort of official scale with pics representing each level of HB Post your idea of Hot Babe 1-10 since everyone is different. Doesn't have to be your real plates just a general scale. Besides.. How...
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    All women are psychos!

    There will always be emotionally troubling times with any woman in a relationship of any length. It will never be a perfect relationship. After all.. They are women. People, wired totally different than us. They operate with a global mind set. Not compartments like us men. They operate with...
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    This site reminds me of...

    American Pie! Haha! I just watched american pie last night for the heck of it and man many of the threads in here remind me of the 4 guys trying to get laid before high school is over. Stiffler.... Hahahahahahahaha fukin hilarious. I even let my 16 yo watch it. Forgot how dirty some of it...
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    Article: Living together before marriage. Compatability test or curse?

    A good read on living together before marriage and why it should be avoided. All based on logic and statistics. --------------------------------------------------------- Living Together Before Marriage: Compatibility Test or Curse? by Willard F. Harley, Jr., Ph.D. Reprinted and...
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    If your a DJ with a teen daughter

    Would you want your daughter putting out or to be a plate spun by a bunch of other DJ's on the first date like all these guys here expect? Epi
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    Financial Budget Excel sheet

    Ok. In another thread I was requested to put up aa budget sheet I use to track my spending and income. Here it is. It has proved very helpful. I had spent 14hours modifying a template I found to suite my needs and it still get tweaked a bit as my wife and I plan our budgets each month. Just...