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    My thoughts about women after banging a 6

    I never banged a 6 , but I thought that I must do this as I had some bad beliefs about women that I felt the need to confirm or not so as a summary there is no difference in gaming a 6 or gaming a 10 . The women will have the same strategy more or less the only difference is that a 6( if you...
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    Why women pick fights ?

    I think this is one of the best thing ever written by a woman https://www.elitedaily.com/women/cant-help-real-reasons-women-pick-fights-men-love/1034885
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    LTR screening only test that you need

    I was recently chatting with a girl that a couple of years back had a crush on , but both of us were dating other people so nothing happened . The only thing that I remember is that I really liked her a lot because she seemed to be an amazing person Recently we started chatting and things...
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    According to women , the need of validation does not equal to having low self esteem

    Women say that the need of validation does not equal to having a low self esteem . I find this extremely funny :)
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    It is more likely for an average girl to be b1tchy than an above average one

    This last couple of months I came to the conclusion that if you are an attractive guy , it is more likely for an average girl to be b1tchy towards you for no reason . initially when this was happening to me I was a little bit insecure as things were not making any sense . You have the good...
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    Why women become unbearable after a while ?

    after a while women try very actively to sabotage the relationship on purpose by being b1tchy , rude , more or less try very aggressively to make you submit after a while , you can not really brush it off by withdrawing attention , because after a lot of bad emotions you can not let it go...
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    Flake on date & reschedule offer

    so a girl flaked on the date with 1 day before the date by saying that she has to work the weekend as she is going in Holliday middle next week , and then said that if we can reschedule it . I told her casually that most likely we will have To leave it for January , as now it will be kinda a...
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    What I learned from gay guys hitting on me

    Over the years , I had a lot of gay guys hitting on me even though I would tell them from the get go that I do not like penises . the funny thing is that the more I would push them away the more they will try to pull me in . this got me thinking how it is the life of a woman with a lot of guys...
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    Late reply from girl ( no sex )

    I had an argument with a girl via text that I have not slept with ( she started the drama because she thinks that I am a player and only want to sleep with her and I was just trying to mantain my frame without being reactive to her drama and even making fun of the whole situation) and after a...
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    Why would a woman be super talkative with you but never meet ?

    I am just thinking that if you have a sexy and attractive vibe , while she is super talkative with you , she would be more than happy to meet
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    Emotional discussion and girl calls you by your name

    from your point of view , what does it mean when a girl has an emotional talk discussion with you and also calls your by your name while expressing her thoughts ? I never really thought about this till now , and to be frank I do not know what it means . My gut Instinct tells me that is a good...
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    Women and her moods

    I think this video says a lot about why women are moodier than men . If in the anima kingdom you get the same results when annoying an animal . I am not a bit surprised that humans also react the way they do , and women being more emotional on average than the average guy makes them prone to...
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    Playing hard to get behavior

    Hey guys , I am dealing with an issue at the moment in which would be great if I could get some feedback from someone that is not invested as I am . so basically the issue I am dealing is with a girl that is playing hard to get , and after she is hot then becomes cold . She even admitted that...