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  1. J

    48h fast and gym

    2nd this. I raced off-road motorcycles at the highest levels for 25-years. And still Mtn bike on an empty stomach. I Only eat from 7:00 to 9:00 PM every stinking day. If you're new to fasting I suggest acclimating yourself and get used to how your carburetors work. Once you know your system...
  2. J

    Working for Home Depot or Lowe's

    Did that for my daughter today. Had polybutiline, so I transitioned to Pex by way of sharkbite. Saved the day, Lucky..
  3. J

    Working for Home Depot or Lowe's

    Actually!!! That's genius. Never thought of that. So you torch it before turning on the water. I'm not worthy Master Poe. Don't know what you call it, but there is a round insert/ball that seals the drip, then you torch it and it liquefies. Never used them.
  4. J

    Working for Home Depot or Lowe's

    That cool trick works on a water service when you can blow out "King's Hawaiian" thru a hose bib. But not gum up a 600-series regulator screen. Remember you can disconnect a regulator union in seconds if the valve leaks. Or the union at the meter brass. There is a tool (Jet-swet) made for just...
  5. J

    Working for Home Depot or Lowe's

    You're going to fit right in.
  6. J

    Working for Home Depot or Lowe's

    That's two different companies. Ask your supervisor what your job duties are. Should probably learn how to politely tell people you're not a plumber, but help them find what their looking for. Do it yourselfers often want an explanation of what they're doing and how to do it. Just concentrate on...
  7. J

    Dating a neighbor help!!

    All I heard was disrespectful angry single mother that lives across the street. (((DUDE)))... Oh and no sex, Ouch. Me thinks you already know the answers but want verification. Painted yourself in a corner so to speak. Me, I would Be nice and respectful if she comes around, to help ease into the...
  8. J

    I've never ran into a single mom my entire life. Have you?

    Single mothers are the work of the Devil. That's all we need to know.
  9. J

    A way to get control

    Fk it, Today I am not worthy! Thank you.
  10. J

    Attractive cashier women (e.g. Target, Supermarket, Starbucks, etc.)

    That's a good point, eye contact is good. Too much is creepy, too little, flaky/dishonest/suspect..
  11. J

    Attractive cashier women (e.g. Target, Supermarket, Starbucks, etc.)

    Got to disagree on one thing, (say) I agree. But if I'm looking into a HB's eyes thinking I want to tickle her tummy with my tongue by way of Vagina, I doubt she'll pick up on that. Sense that I'm attracted yes maybe. God I hope I'm right..
  12. J

    Attractive cashier women (e.g. Target, Supermarket, Starbucks, etc.)

    Did you tell her "I'll be back"?
  13. J

    Reveal age before entering relationship?

    You youngins fidgeting lying about 3-4-5 years is weird. I'm wondering how these girls (you just met) have/get Access to your drivers license. Your lying, she's snooping, there's a match <<<<I kid..
  14. J

    Analyzing The song Man Eater by Hall and Oates

    American Woman by Led-Zep, makes me wonder what woman destroyed that guy to write that song. So many others.
  15. J

    Attractive cashier women (e.g. Target, Supermarket, Starbucks, etc.)

    A business card? wow that's original. If you're going to be tough on posters here like you are, it's only fair to sail one back your way. Not everything you do is always the only way. Being original is cool also..
  16. J

    Attractive cashier women (e.g. Target, Supermarket, Starbucks, etc.)

    Oc16.. Go back, buy a Pinetree car scent thing you hang from the rear view mirror. Buy a sharpie and while in line write your name and number on it. She'll ring up the empty packages and wonder WTF? Slide it over to her, tap on it so she sees your number then smile & leave. If she hangs it, she...
  17. J

    Cannabis smoke and condensate is estrogenic?

    I was a Loady for 20-years. Everything that went in my lungs, stomach, up my nose, stopped when my kid was born. Today I am still a man and look like a Viking. Yer good!
  18. J

    Women... cant judge em by what they say. Only what they do .. lol

    This was a good read, a true Cinderella story. The Sun & Moon lined up real nice, "and some luck". Good job. Stay diligent though, hopefully I'll be next..
  19. J

    Did the police allow white protesters to invade the White House today?

    BLM would have been so much more peaceful. Too bad antifa wasn't there to keep the peace and fix windows.
  20. J

    High Conflict People

    Another great quote. I'll be plagiarizing that one..