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    Common Cures - Quick line # 1 -

    "WOMEN ARE LIKE BUSES, YOU CAN CATCH THE NEXT ONE IN 15 MINUTES" Common Perscription Cures : Oneitus AFC Rejection Lack of confidence Dose: Think about it heavily and repeat after any and all infections of the above and sarge on! Elimidate
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    Be Here Now!!!!

    As DJ's we are always looking to improve ourselves, is all aspects of our life - career, relationships, spirtitally, and want to live the life we choose to live. A life designed by the high performer! In all aspects of life, being a high performer is about choosing to accept success and...
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    Leaving YOUR # on the bill !?

    Let me ask you a question.. I grab a pint while watching the Live 8 in Toronto @ the Hard Rock cafe (4 guys at the bar, none of which, the HB 8 is really paying attention to except myself, and I naturaly flirt with her to let her know my interest, with a stratically used smiles and indulge...
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    Airline Stewardess - SUCCESS!

    I work in a corprorate office close to the airport and the stewardess's are always easy to spot. Today waiting at the bus transfer, I was reading a book (I great convo opener btw) and she initiated, showed very high IL and the convo flowed like gold for 10 minutes straight. Usually...
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    One armed excercises???

    I found out why there are no snowboards in Mexico.....Tequila and bording don't mix!! :) I haven't lifted a weight in 3 weeks and won't be able to make a fist for at least another 3. Anyone been in this situation?? How long will can one go (on average) not working out without losing...
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    Chick on the "Rebound" after having a restaining order on LT BF

    Here's the scoop: I have a very high interest level from a HB 8.5. She just broke up with her LT BF becasue he became majorly possessive to the extent she had to placed a restraining order. I was aquintances with the previous BF and he seemd like a good guy but who really knows. I...
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    Quality over quantity! Cap the # of newbies

    LETS RATCHET THINGS UP A NOTCH!! Sounds harsh but you have to admit, and its been felt a million times before - this site has diminished to a AFC level unseen before! At first, I thought it was going to be a "faze" whereas, the newbies would have to catch up becasue hey, we all had to...
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    Quick tip #1 - Compliancy

    The Art of Compliency Compliency is a new aspect I have learned from a new position I recently accepted a as development director. To gain Compliancy, we must build rapport and induce in the prospect or HB an eager desire. As a DJ, remember, that it’s your life and YOU are driving the bus...
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    Without going to a pro, how do you measure your body fat??

    Is there a standard equation? Thanks.
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    Something more than Creatine and Protien.......

    Okay so I've been working out 3 days a week for the last year and been supplimenting with Optimum Nutrition Whey and ProLab creatine. (thx Diesel!) I have a 4 pack (still working on lower two) and I've bulked up and went from 140 to 155.....All is good but I'm wondering if anyone else has...
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    <Double Your Pleasure>

    <Double Your Pleasure> Many of us ponder over the perfect place to set up the first date and since we are all in this elite group if comes as no surprise that we usually choose the not only a good one, but a great place to work our magic. Well guys, it's time to ratchett things up a...
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    Having a sexy female voice for your cell phone greeting.....

    Hey fellow DJ's I need your advice, Anyone who knows me knows that I always have crazy messages on my voicemail greeting and after talking about the unique messages and jokin around, I had a girl at my office offer to leave a very sexy message as my greeting 1) What should I have her...
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    TORONTO Sarging - NOV 15!!!

    Let's hook up this Sat so that we're all prepared and introduced to hit the Guv the weekend after. 1st we'll grab a pint at the Peel Pub and then sarge from there. Who's in? Elimidate
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    ****Y AND FUNNY = 0 to SEX IN 15 MIN

    After taking a break from the board for the summer I want to share a major success story. Some newbie's may not believe it but I'm telling you it's true becasue I really don't have the time to b*ll**** people and simply want to give you an example of how to work it!!! Hang on here we go...
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    2nd guess yourself? Hell no - make the first move!

    2nd guess yourself? Hell no - make the move! Yes brothers, I must say this again "ALWAYS MAKE THE FIRST MOVE!" As basic, simple and elementary as this may sound, and as much as we claim to know this.... how often do we hesitate or second guess ourselves? As we hesitate a sea of doubt...
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    Has anyone ever kissed a girl with a lip ring????

    I met an amazing HB 8 over the weekend, got her # and next time I see her I'm going fo the kiss close.... one thing though, she has a thin metal ring through the middle of her lower lip. Question - Why do chicks do this? Is it a subliminal message saying don't kiss me or I'm hard to kiss...
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    She wants to go to gay pride!?

    LOL How would you respond to this, let's break out some C+F For the record, I'm not homophobic but being in a groups of half naked guys spraying each other with water guns and laughing like little girls isn't my idea of fun!!!! There is no way I'm going. ""I called you last night when I...
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    NO2 by MRI - The new creatine???

    Hey guys, Has anyone tried this new supplement? It's been rolling off the shelves and hardly no-one can keep it in stock. What is NO2 NO2 has created a revolutionary new category of muscle-builders and muscle-enhancers known as 'cell-signaling hemodilators.' Through...
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    Increase or decrease the weight with each set?????

    Usually when I'm doing 8 reps of 3 sets of decline, straight and incline presses on my benchpress I get to a point of muscle failure and usually don't feel stiff at all the next day. After waiting a minute or to, I have recharged but can only do under 4 reps if I contiinue. Would it be...
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    Use pictures to increase your social proof!

    Whether you have a lockers, an office, a fridge, or a wall always put up pictures of all the good times you've had, the places you've been and add a few georgeous women you've met! Why does this work? Because you can talk about all these occurances but for a girl to actually see the...