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  1. redskinsfan92

    Attractive cashier women (e.g. Target, Supermarket, Starbucks, etc.)

    Will only work if the store is dead
  2. redskinsfan92

    Do we really think ignoring a flake works? We need a new strategy!

    Literally don't care what any of you think, but as for me. I will ghost with no remorse. I do not have the G D time to sit there and puzzle on how to win her over, nor do I find her worth it at that point
  3. redskinsfan92

    Starting a red pill blog

    I recommemd backing up every post in case censorship occurs
  4. redskinsfan92

    Only these types of guys are on OLD: change my mind

    I was about to say I'm not in any os those categories, but upon honest reflection I'm only on there for sex. Unless today's women want to do my cleaning and cook.
  5. redskinsfan92

    I got vaccinated for Covid

    I'm fine now. It hit 100.4. I fell asleep at 4pm. Woke up at 10pm and my temp was normal. Returned to work Thursday. My arm never really got sore this time.
  6. redskinsfan92

    I got vaccinated for Covid

    Nope. Lol Just a low grade fever
  7. redskinsfan92

    I got vaccinated for Covid

    Woke up this morning with a temperature of 99.6 and headache. Usually my temp is 97.8-98.2 Took dayquil and resting.
  8. redskinsfan92

    Did Feminism ruin GTA 6?

    I really hope not.
  9. redskinsfan92

    I got vaccinated for Covid

    Also, 1st shot I had a small red bump and blood on the bandaid. This time just a little red spot and no blood on the bandaid. Since this is sosuave. A woman administered the first does. A man adminstered the 2nd one.
  10. redskinsfan92

    I got vaccinated for Covid

    I feel fine so far today. Arm is a little less sore than last time.
  11. redskinsfan92

    Did Feminism ruin GTA 6?

    https://hypebeast.com/2021/1/grand-theft-auto-vi-first-female-protagonist-rumor-info?amp=1&__twitter_impression=true Thoughts?
  12. redskinsfan92

    How would dating be in a completely feminized society?

    My stepgrankids will have a good life. Lol
  13. redskinsfan92

    This Corey Wayne guy

    D@mn, you burned him hard OP Haha
  14. redskinsfan92

    I got vaccinated for Covid

    My 2nd shot is Tuesday
  15. redskinsfan92

    Do you think the coup d'état participants are incel-tier?

    Things in America will continue to get nasty as monogamy breaks down. More and more men are not getting pvssy. This eventually results in violence.
  16. redskinsfan92

    Did the police allow white protesters to invade the White House today?

    I have always thought it was possible. People often mock 2A rights advocates by saying you couldn't fight the U.S. government. They mention drone strikes and such. Well, now you see today. Here is my concern. The illusion is broken now. Everyone thought there is no way you can storm these...